Quick Hits: WWE NXT 12.4.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

NXT Women’s Championship: Paige (c) vs Natalya

-I’m still one of the few people who find Natalya overrated. She’s fine in the ring but she just has no acting ability whatsoever as far as character goes. Whenever she loses she pretty much just cries. I hate that.

-Once again, it’s nice to see a Divas Match get some time on a WWE show. Over 10 minutes so far.

-Paige escapes the Sharpshooter, and after a brief reset, Paige hits the Paige Turner for the win.

Aiden English vs ???

-English’s opponent was never announced. Not like it matters. English wins a short match and continues to impress.

Antonio Cesaro comes out and apologizes to Byron Saxton. He accepts then Cesaro asks him to do the “We the People” sign. Saxton does it half-heartedly. Cesaro ends up grabbing Saxton and slapping him. Why can’t Cesaro get segments like that on RAW or Smackdown???

Tyson Kidd vs Leo Kruger

-Before the match they showed Kruger attacking Zayn after his match backstage last week.

-Kruger applies the Sharpshooter but it might be one of the worst attempts ever. Legs are crossed the wrong way.

-Sami Zayn comes out and distracts Kruger, allowing Kidd to roll up Kruger and pick up the pinfall victory.

NXT Championship: Bo Dallas (c) vs Adrian Neville

-Why is this match only getting 10 minutes?

-I love watching Adrian Neville matches on NXT. I just fear what they will become once he gets to the main roster.

-Bo’s gimmick is fine now. But there is going to come a time where he just needs to “snap.”

-Neville goes for the Red Arrow but Bo goes to the outside. Neville instead hits a dive off the top to the outside.

-Neville gets back in before the ten count, while Bo gets to the apron and then falls back down. Looks like it may have been intentional. Neville wins by countout.

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