Quick Hits: TNA Impact 12.5.13 (w/Justin C)

impact 12/5

Non-Dixie Carter Opening Segment

-Opening without Dixie Carter? Show is already a plus for me.

-Angle calls out Magnus and asks him about his injury last week and if he has the heart of a Champion.

-One thing I can’t stand about taped TNA shows? Their transition edits from camera shot to camera shot. A lot of them just seem off and way too quick.

Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy come out and give the reasons why they will win the tournament.

Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy

-Jeff Hardy gets a lot of criticism, but one thing I’ll say is that he seems to be the guy who cares most about the fans. Always interacting with them in and out of the ring.

-With both men on the apron, they fall off and go through a table simultaneously. Why would I expect anything less from TNA? The match was ordered to be restarted by Senior Referee Earl Hebner.

-Roode goes for a suplex to the outside, but Hardy counters with a knee to the head followed by a kick to the gut, knocking Roode off the apron through the table. Hardy wins.

Ethan Carter III vs Earl Hebner

-EC3 picks Earl Hebner as his opponent. Rockstar Spud brings out Brian Hebner to ref the match.

-EC3 forces Earl to lay down and makes Brian count the three. Well if they wanted to try and get some heel heat on EC3, this may be the best way to do it.

Bad Influence/Joseph Park Segment

-If the WWE was serious about pushing the tag team division, they would find a way to sign Bad Influence. Best team/act in the business today.

-Bad Influence shows a video of them going to Chicago, where they find out Joseph Park’s law firm closed thirteen years ago.

-Park begs them to stop, but they don’t and attack him. Eric Young makes the save. Young challenges them to a tag match next week.

The Bro Mans vs Storm and Gunner

-The match goes a couple minutes, Robbie E spits beer in the face of Gunner. Gunner attacks him, shoves the ref, and gets his team DQ’d.

Gail Kim (w/Lei’d Tapa) vs Laura Dennis

-These last few segments make it feel like TNA is the same show every week.

-ODB makes the save after Kim and Tapa attack after the match.

Last Man Standing Match: Magnus vs Kurt Angle

-It scares me that I’m at the point where I fear for Kurt Angle’s safety every time he is in the ring.

-And Kurt misses the moonsault and I cringe.

-A ref bump in a Last Man Standing Match and Bobby Roode interferes. Why was a ref bump necessary???

-Magnus makes it to his feet and picks up the win. Roode attacks Angle. Hardy makes the save. Hardy and Magnus stare each other down.

-Dixie opens the package sent by AJ Styles and it is a paper title. An AJ Styles video plays. He tells Dixie that if she wants the Title, she can come to Gainsville and get it herself. At least he didn’t put it on the fridge and sell it on ebay.

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