From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: “Total Divas – Ep 13”

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* Who wouldn’t try Cena’s muscle shocking machine out on random body parts?! I know I would. Can you say Joker smile?

* Brie is a twin that’s a whole other level of co-dependance Daniel.

* I think it is wrong to switch out your engagement ring.  It’s the sentiment behind it not the way it looks that matters.

* Brie thinks she is the strongest diva on the roster? Hmmm Sure…that’s why the weights she was “lifting” earlier in the show are laughing.

* Don’t tell your wife her cat basically just died while she is driving! She loves that cat more than you, he doesn’t talk back and lets her dress him up like an idiot. Nattie would totally have TJ put down before Gizmo if she had to choose.

* I hate feeling sad too, TJ.

* Well Nikki just made it so teenage boys will forever be trying to look up her dresses, perhaps you shouldn’t mention on TV that you don’t wear underwear under your short dresses.

* Nattie should not have mentioned Gizmo before TJ’s match, just bad timing she made him sad again and he doesn’t like being sad.

* Nattie just said TJ’s name more times in that conversation than I thought possible.

* The seamstress is like “Trinity, lets cut this one piece bathing suit into a two piece that will fix it. You were asked to do a photo shoot for your tits and ass not your beguiling smile.”

*I think the seamstress is going to stick pins in Jon like the voodoo doll he models his makeup after if he continues bitching. She is a diva get over her showing her body off.

* Ok. I will admit I teared up when they put Gizmo down. I think most of us have been there. I think that was the deepest moment this show will ever have.

* Oh Jojo…is she still employed?

* I like how E is like “you all have to have random brunches together even though you clearly never do in real life.” So awkward.

* I think Brie is being a bit too hard on Nikki she is injured not lazy, all she is allowed to do is walk down to the ring and hey she looks like she lost weight which should make Brie happy. After all there was an entire episode where Brie got angry that Nikki didn’t live solely on juice.

* Mark of talent relations is like the creepy version of the grim reaper.

* Trinity got in trouble for Jon’s actions WTF?! This is not a female friendly environment no matter how hard they try to portray it as such. Some of the comments that Mark of Talent Relations have said to these women would be called harassment in any other company.

* I like how Brie says she is taped into her gear and then they show Nattie and her massive chest. She needs tape, super-glue, and extra netting.

* Jon should change his attitude to wanting a sugar momma, Trinity is willing to provide Jon! Let her! She could buy you diamond rings that you like then.

* I like A.J. Lee She knows how to act unlike every diva on this show.

* I still don’t see why the Bella’s are fighting about work. It isn’t like they chose to not be a tag team.

* Jon didn’t mean to go behind her back? what happened did he trip into that meeting?

* Aww kitten! But you can’t replace your pets that fast it just doesn’t work like that.

* TJ is going to burn the cat outfits next time Nattie’s on the road and he is home alone. You can see it in his eyes.