Quick Hits: WWE NXT 12.11.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Ascension (c) vs Hunico and Camacho

-Man that tattoo Hunico has looks a lot like the one Sin Cara all of the sudden has.

-Match was a little slow going early on. Hunico gets pulled off the apron and The Ascension hits their finisher on Camacho to pick up the win. Okay match.

Alexander Rusev (w/Lana) vs Kassius Ohno

-This is why I hate TV shows taped so far in advance. Who do you think is winning?

-Rusev puts Ohno in the Accalade and he taps. Rusev doesn’t let go until Lana tells him to. I mean, who wouldn’t listen to every word she says?

Bayley and Natalya vs Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

-Bayley’s character is really likeable. I just don’t know if it can get over in the WWE.

-Bayley knocks Summer Rae off the apron, but Sasha hits her finisher on Bayley to pick up the win. Summer Rae needs a bigger push in the WWE’s Diva Division.

Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester Lefort) vs Mojo Rawley

-Man, if they are going to bring back The Ultimate Warrior, he needs to have a running contest to the ring with Mojo Rawley.

-Mojo wins the match rather quickly. After the match, Scott Dawson takes him out due to a distraction by Lefort. I’m amazed how much the crowd likes Mojo Rawley.

Leo Kruger vs Sami Zayn

-Five minutes for this match? Really?

-Kruger starts with a nasty looking spinebuster. It wasn’t bad, it just looked painful.

-Zayn dominates all match, but Kruger pulls Zayn down while on the ropes and hits his finisher for the win. Kind of surprised with that finish.

-After the match, Kruger goes after Zayn but Zayn clotheslines him over the top and hits a Swanton over the ropes onto Kruger. They brawl until refs break them up.

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