Quick Hits: TNA Impact 12.26.13 (w/Justin C)

Impact 12.26.13

-It’s my final Quick Hits Impact as we are switching up the rotation starting in 2014. I hope I have made Impact enjoyable for all of you. And wish my colleague Matt the best of luck when it comes to watching Impact in 2014!

Everyone Interrupts Dixie Carter

-First Jeff Hardy and Sting interrupt. They end up getting a tag match against Rockstar Spud and EC3.

-Gunner comes out with his Money in th, I mean Feast or Fired Case and wants to cash it in. She tells him Magnus is celebrating overseas.

-Oh look here comes James Storm. He questions Gunner and asks how Bobby Roode knew he was in the bar the night Roode attacked him. Storm wants a match for his briefcase. Dixie makes the match.

-And now she isn’t going to tell us her big announcement until later. Oh darn.

James Storm vs Gunner- Gunner’s World Title Briefcase On The Line

-Why build this match up a little bit when you can randomly give it away with no announcement?

-Both men go over the top and it’s a double countout. Storm is upset. But hey, he has no one to blame but himself!

-They brawl after and have one of the worst pull apart brawls I’ve ever seen. And the refs barely make an effort to separate them.

Brooke/Bully Segment

-Brooke asks Bully to come out. She’s been calling and texting him and has gotten no responses. In the real world, I think most women would have gotten the hint by now.

-Brooke tells him she’s done but Bully grabs her. He says she’s done when he is done with her.

-Bully says he only used her for certain services. *wink wink*

-Suddenly, SCARY MUSIC!!!!!

-Bully wants Brooke to tell everyone things are going to get a lot worst. Then he tells her to leave.

Monster’s Ball Match: Joseph Park vs Bad Influence

-Kaz and Daniels quickly take away Janice from the equation and it’s all them.

-Kaz grabs Janice but Park bails. Eric Young comes out and was about to make Park bleed, but Bad Influence stops him.

-Young ducks a Singapore Cane shot and Park gets hit. Park starts bleeding.

-Park goes into Abyss mode and picks up the win. Can this finally be the end?

Lei’d Tapa (w/Gail Kim) vs ODB

-Lei’d Tapa still hasn’t shown me much in the ring.

-Gail slides her belt into the ring. It distracts the ref and Gail pulls down ODB. Tapa hits her finisher and picks up the win.

Jeff Hardy and Sting vs The Bro Mans, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud (w/Zema Ion)

-Dixie’s announcement was that next week there will be a coronation of Magnus as World Champ. And The Bro-Mans are teaming with EC3 and Spud. Yawn…

-Why the hell is Zema Ion standing in the wrong corner?

-Sting gets the hot tag and goes to work on the heels. Stinger Splashes all around! But EC3 sneaks in and rolls up Sting to score the win for his team.

-Jeff takes the mic and says that Dixie Carter has taken his heart out of the business and he has to walk away. Sting pleads with him to stay but to no avail as Hardy leaves.

-So all of TNA’s top faces, instead of standing up to The Authority, decide to leave instead.

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