Fact or Fiction: On the Road to WrestleMania 30

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The WWE has crowned it’s first WWE World Heavyweight Unified Champion, or the first Unified World WWE Champion or; well you get the point. Now with that mess cleared up, for now, the WWE can begin to foreshadow what they have in store for the WWE Universe come April 6, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The rumor mills have been running since the night after WrestleMania 29 and as the date gets closer and closer the rumor river flows deeper and faster. Who will take on The Streak? Will Hulk Hogan make another run in the WWE? Will Sting finally wrestle in a WWE ring and will Goldberg ever comeback? The questions burn in the minds of columnists and smarks all over the internet but there are also a lot of questions to be answered with plenty of guys already currently signed. Will this be the biggest WrestleMania ever? Or will the part timers come in, take all the money, and leave us with a half ass show?

Let’s start with Randy Orton. Orton may be the first whatever WWE Champion and unless the WWE has a swerve planned ahead it looks like Randy will headline, or at least co headline, what may become a star studded lineup. But who does Orton defend his newly unified title against? Is there anyone on the roster that a win for Randy against will help solidify him as the new top dog in the WWE? Or will the grandest stage of them all be a passing of the torch moment for an up and coming star, but who? If I know the WWE like I like to think I know the WWE Orton’s title match will get lost in the shuffle against the likes of a returning Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio.

The biggest shock to me when the WrestleMania rumors was the WWE, supposedly, was interested in bringing back Hulk Hogan to not only make an appearance but possibly wrestle in a dream match against John Cena. Cena is to the WWE what Hogan was to the WWF, he’s there top guy. These two have never met in a match before and if Hogan has anything left in that tank, if you watch TNA you know there isn’t much at all. If you bring back the Hulkster and his depleting pythons back for a Wrestlemania moment for everyone’s sake it’s just a horrible exchange between him and John Cena.

Since the WWE is back to one World title getting the chance to take on the Undertaker and his 21-0 streak is the next best spot on the card anyone on the roster would. CM Punk and the Undertaker put together a get story in such a small time frame that leaves me wondering is there MORE money in a rematch? More than likely that won’t happen this year so the smart money so what then? I don’t think the WWE would put Taker with the likes of Brock Lesnar, does that mean Sting is a shoe in to finally grace a WWE ring in a match that should have taken place years and years ago? Or does the WWE want another babface against babyface match between The Undertaker and John Cena?

According to PW Insider the WWE is intersted in having Shawn Michaels work ‘one more match’ against his former student Daniel Bryan. $$$$$. The groundwork is already in place, Shawn is already playing the cocky, veteran heel and what a Wrestlemania moment it would be for Bryan to get a win over not only Mr. Wrestlemania himself, but a win over his best friend and the guy who has been burying Bryan the entire calendar year. WWE pay attention, there is a lot of money to be made this year in New Orleans. However, recently the WWE has shifted Bryan into The Wyatt Family, will this story hold leading into Mania or is the WWE trying to play shadow games with us all?

The slow burning but inevitable break up of the biggest stable since DX, The Shield, has been great TV the best month. My gut tells me we will see a triple threat match between the members of The Shield and Roman Reigns will emerge as the top guy. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will have bright futures but Reigns seems to be getting the red carpet treatment to the top. These three have had the biggest impact on the WWE in recent memory and I’m sure their breakup match will be nothing less than great TV.

If CM Punk isn’t involved in a feud with Randy Orton for the WWhatver Title after winning the Royal Rumble, something Punk has yet to accomplish, the next best option is a rematch against Brock Lesnar. A rematch against Lesnar not only gives Punk the chance at redemption at Lesnar but it will be the final nail in the coffin of CM Punk/Paul Heyman feud that extended almost two full years. A victory over Lesnar should jump start Punk’s climb back to the top of the WWE, right where he belongs.

The Wyatt Family’s momentum has started, stopped and started again. The entire gimmick surrounding Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan may be a little ahead of it’s time but the WWE and their writers need to be ahead of it’s time. Wrestlemania is the biggest stage in all of professional wrestling, unless the rumors of Bray teaming with Daniel Bryan to take on John Cena and Hulk Hogan actually happens the Wyatt’s may be stuck in the good ol’ mid card.

The WWE has done a great job building and billing the Intercontinental Championship as the number two title in pro wrestling so why not go one step further and unify the United States Title with it? Dean Ambrose hasn’t defended the US title since god knows when so just elevate both mid card titles and really bring it back to the golden days of the IC Title. Wrestlemania is the best stage to unify the US and IC Title and there isn’t another way to showcase six, seven, eight or even more mid card guys then a classic ladder match? The WWE can really showcase the next big star behind Roman Reigns in Big E Langston, not to mention the countless guys they have in the back that can work. Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, a returning Christian just for the ladder matches sake and a few other guys would put together a match that no one would forget.

Once the WWE takes the tag team titles off Goldust and Cody Rhodes the tag team division in the WWE is really wide open. Just like the mid card titles, why not showcase the five or six tag teams the WWE has and let them work. The Real Americans, Los Matadores, the Prime Time Players, The Usos and whomever the WWE wants to put the titles on and just plain let them work.

It has almost been two years in the making and if you have twitter I’m sure you saw Goldust’s constant pursuit to wrestle his brother at Wrestlemania 29. Obviously, that never happened but in 2013 we did get a grand comeback from Goldust, leading his brother out of the mid card and into tag team gold. Any fan that considers themselves a ‘smart fan’ already knows Goldust against his brother is etched into stone for Wrestlemania 30 and I simply can’t wait.

Now that Batista is making his return to the WWE names like Sting and Goldberg more than likely aren’t going to cash in on Wrestlemania season, my only questions are where does Mr. Wrestlemania Payday Big Show fit into this picture? Oh, and what ever happened to Sheamus?

My Wrestlemania Card:

Randy Orton v. CM Punk WWE World Title

HHH w/ Shawn Michaels v. Daniel Bryan

John Cena v. The Undertaker

Roman Reigns v. Dean Ambrose v. Seth Rollins

Batista v. Bray Wyatt

Goldust v. Cody Rhodes

IC/US Title Unification Ladder Match:

Big E Langston v. Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow v. Kofi Kingston v. Xavier Woods v. Curtis Axel

Tag Team Elimination Match:

The Usos v. The Real Americans v. Rey Mysterio & Big Show v. Erik Rowan & Luke Harper

Divas Championship Match:

AJ Lee v. Nikki Bella

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