Quick Hits: TNA Impact 1.2.14 (w/Justin C)

impact 1.2.14

-So I guess I lied last week: THIS will be my last Impact Quick Hits for a while. Next week the rotation switches up, and I will move to Smackdown.

Kurt Angle/Bobby Roode Opening Segment

-Angle comes out and says 2013 was the worst year of his life. The way he talked about it you would think that he’s been to a couple of AA meetings.

-Bobby Roode comes out and asks if Kurt is going to finally admit he is better than him. Roode declines at first, but then says he accepts as long as if Roode wins, Angle leaves and never accepts a Hall of Fame induction. Angle then says the match will be in a cage.

-Both men brawl. They eventually are separated. Rockstar Spud comes out and says they can fight as long as they each find a tag team partner.

Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

-Rayne accepts Gail’s challenge, much to the dismay of Kim.

-Another solid women’s match with Rayne picking up the win over Kim.

X-Division Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Chris Sabin

-Before the match Sabin said if he doesn’t leave X-Division Champion, he’s leaving without Velvet Sky. And every man watching TNA just became an Austin Aries fan.

-Aries has been on the offense for most of the match.

-Then just like that, Sabin demands Velvet go on the apron. She does and distracts the ref and Aries. Sabin low blows Aries and rolls him up to retain the X-Division Title.

-Sabin thanks himself after the match as Velvet sells disappointment.

Samuel Shaw vs Norv Fernum

-So he prefers to be called Samuel, but his Twitter handle is RealSamShaw. #TNAFail

-Shaw is wrestling in white jeans/pants and a sweater. That’s weird.

-Shaw wins after Fernum passes out from a choke. The whole time he stared at Christy Hemme.

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs Bobby Roode and James Storm

-Storm demanded to be Roode’s partner after Gunner was chosen as Angle’s partner.

-Of course Storm and Roode would be working well together. It builds the tension!

-All hell breaks loose and Storm superkicks Gunner, allowing Roode to pin Gunner for the win.

Ethan Carter III/Sting Segment

-EC3 calls out his opponent, Jeff Hardy. Hardy doesn’t come out so EC3 starts counting. Sting interrupts.

-Sting wants to fight EC3 and Sting calls him Dixie’s lap dog. Eventually, EC3 agrees to fight him at Genesis.

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

-Bully just stands in the corner, then low blow kicks Park, causing a DQ. Bully sprays lighter fluid on Park. Mr. Anderson comes out, he gets sprayed with lighter fluid too. But Bully just ends up leaving.

The Coronation of Magnus

-Dixie Carter pretty much makes it seem like she wants to sleep with Magnus during her promo.

-Magnus first heel promo comes off as a bit forced. I’m sure he will grow into his heel role as time moves on, but it is a shaky start for him.

-Gunner comes out and wants his World Title shot. He ends up getting attacked by EC3, Spud and Magnus.

-AJ Styles comes out and challenges Magnus. Magnus eventually just leaves.

-AJ says that he had to comeback because she made her World Champion are farce. AJ calls Magnus Dixie’s puppet and challenges him to a match. Magnus accepts and says no one is better than him. Dixie says no. Magnus says he will leave if he doesn’t get the match and Dixie should give him a one day contract. The show ends with both men staring each other down.

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