Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown 1.10.14 (w/Justin C)

SD 1.9.14

Hello everyone. With our rotation changing, I will be doing the Quick Hits edition of Smackdown for HTCWrestling going forward. And it happened just in time, because I would have torn TNA a new one after that AJ Styles/Magnus match from this past week.

The Usos vs Erik Rowan and Luke Harper

-I really like the fact that The Usos are being featured on WWE TV lately. They’ve definitely earned their place. Now if the WWE could just do something to make it easier for them to recognize.

-The difference between Harper and Rowan in the ring is so obvious. Harper does so much more than Rowan in every match.

-Everybody starts brawling on the outside and both teams are counted out. As The Usos are walking up the ramp, Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan come out and attack them.

MizTV w/Big Show

-Two of my least favorite superstars in one segment? Really? REALLY???

-I love the piped in cheers on Smackdown. Like Big Show ever gets that kind of reaction. Especially in Philadelphia.

-Big Show challenges Brock Lesnar to a fight. Paul Heyman comes out and accepts on behalf of his client for a match at the Royal Rumble. And the #TimeWarpRumble continues.

Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Los Matadores vs The Real Americans and Rybaxel

-I love the addition of the random sign Zeb brings out now.

-Any time Rey Mysterio goes in the air and lands I cringe. He’s one bad fall away from having no knees.

-The good guys win after Rey hits the 619 and dive on Swagger for the pinfall victory.

Randy Orton vs Big E Langston

-As much as people hate Randy Orton he’s been doing some pretty solid work the last few months.

-Why do people feel the need to touch a wrestler when they are in front of them? I always wondered that.

-This match has been a bit too slow for my liking so far.

-Orton catches Big E with a thumb to the eye that the ref didn’t see, then hits the RKO for the win.

Xaiver Woods vs Fandango

-Another feud brought out because of dancing! Keep up the good work WWE Creative!

-Woods wins quickly with a rollup. Summer Rae gets taken out by the Funkadactyls and Truth and Woods hand out a double dropkick to Fandango. That was quick.

The Shield vs CM Punk and The New Age Outlaws

-The Shield continue to do some solid promo work before their matches. Seth Rollins has shown some great growth in that area.

-I’m assuming down the line this leads to the Outlaws turning on Punk at the request of HHH. It only makes sense if they are doing Punk/HHH at Mania.

-The crowd chants “You Still Got It” at Billy Gunn after applying a simple armbar. They must be easy to please.

-Punk gets the hot tag after Road Dogg was beatdown for quite some time.

-Billy Gunn gets the tag. After everyone gets a spot in, Reigns catches Gunn with a Spear while Gunn tries to hit the Fameasser on Ambrose. Reigns gets the win for The Shield.

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Justin C

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