Quick Hits: WWE NXT 1.15.14 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

NXT Logo - 2012

: Hey everyone, Cameron here, it’s nice to be back covering NXT for HTC Wrestling. I started with HTC covering NXT and it will be nice to be sharing my thoughts on the WWE’s developmental system.

Adrian Neville v. Tyler Breeze

: This was my first real look at Breeze and holly crap did him and Adrian Neville put on on hell of a match. I’m curious to see more from Tyler as 2014 moves on.

CJ Parker v. Jason Jordan

: Oh god, another WWE prototype babyface in Jason Jordan, too bad he jobbed to the homeless acid dropper in CJ Parker, um, next please.

Mojo Rawley v. NXT Champion Bo Dallas

: I see Bo Dallas’ still doesn’t know what a personality is but boy oh boy do I love Mojo Rawley. He brings the same intensity Big E Langston does or even the Ultimate Warrior did; a whole lot of upside with this guy.

Kofi Kingston v. Alexander Rusev

: It may take a little time but Rusev can become a very convincing villain. He has a good look and a gimmick that hasn’t been seen in a while. If the WWE is careful, they may have struck gold.

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