Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown 1.17.14 (w/Justin C)

SD 1.17.14

The Rhodes Brothers vs The New Age Outlaws

-Did the WWE just throw in a replay of Smackdown from years ago?

-And hearing the annoying voice of Miz on commentary confirms that they indeed did not.

-If the Outlaws can wrestle in shirts, why can’t Sting? #StingMarkWaitingForHimToComeToWWE

-Vickie comes on stage and reminds us the Royal Rumble is in 9 days. The distraction allows Billy Gunn to roll up Cody and pick up the win.

Paul Heyman/Big Show Segment

-The way Heyman keeps preaching that Lesnar is the #1 Contender for the Title, it almost makes me think they are going to have Cena win at the Rumble.

-Heyman says Lesnar will be on RAW. And on cue, Big Show comes out to attack another defenseless manager!

-Heyman escapes and Show says he is knocking Lesnar out at the Rumble. I’d like to make a bet against that happening.

Alberto del Rio vs Rey Mysterio

-A classic case of two guys the WWE has nothing for, so lets just have them wrestle each other again.

-Del Rio is going to really hurt himself one of these days doing that missed dive through the ropes to the outside.

-Rey wins following a roll up after a missed kick to the head. Del Rio attacks after the match and applies the cross armbreaker.

Naomi (w/Cameron vs Tamina (w/AJ)

-Is this how they are debuting Emma? Just having her do her dance and hold her sign in the crowd? Weak.

-At least Naomi dumped that awful lip glitter from RAW.

-Naomi wins after a split leg moonsault.

Wyatt Family Promo

-Bray talks about his father not giving him his kingdom. How dare I.R.S. not give Bray his tax business after he retired!

-Bray says that he is already dead and Bryan will now burn with the saints.

Big E Langston vs Fandango (w/Summer Rae)

-What is with these Diva videos introducing stuff or telling us what is next??? Are they necessary?

-Summer Rae is great on the outside. Her mannerisms and expressions add to the match.

-Big E wins in a version of every Big E match that we’ve seen before. He needs to start improving a bit more in the ring.

-The last 15 minutes has been all video packages: Ultimate Warrior HOF, WWE Network, and Cena’s Dad getting beat up from RAW.

The Real Americans (w/Zeb Colter) vs The Usos

-Poor Zeb is in a neckbrace and wheelchair. Funny moment when Zeb starts rolling down the ramp and Swagger and Cesaro run down to stop him.

-Seriously, do the Usos teleport onto the stage?

-Eventually, Poor Zeb gets rammed into Cesaro on the outside by one of The Usos, and they get the win with their splash. What did Zeb ever do to anyone?

CM Punk Calls Out The Shield/New Age Outlaws

-If they’re really doing Punk/HHH again, they need to make it a lot better than the last one played out.

-As The Shield and New Age Outlaws surround the ring, Kane comes out and stops it from happening.

-Kane says The Authority wants him to main event Wrestlemania, and it is now his job to make sure Punk gets the respect that he deserves.

-Punk calls Kane a Sellout Suck-Up. Kane orders the attack, but he comes in and chokeslams Punk himself. And that ends a lackluster Smackdown. Not too much wrestling. This was a promo heavy show.

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