From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: A Woman’s Introduction to the World of Wrestling: Part Dos

From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife Logo  So I have finally gotten around to a part two to my Introduction. I have been told that my adoring audience has been clamoring for more inspiring insights from yours truly and so I have decided it is finally convenient to oblige. It is Monday Night Raw time otherwise known as 3 hours to reflect on how much my life has changed since I met my husband. I have passively disappointed my husband because he thought I was writing a review of the show tonight lol as if I would be paying that close attention to it and he wouldn’t have to point out cool moments to me 😉

Ah road to WrestleMania can you smell the steroids in the air people? I know I can and yet once upon a time I was blissfully oblivious of the phenomenon.  I remember a time so long ago that I didn’t know WrestleMania existed let alone the golden road that fans ride down albeit most of the time bumpy to the event. I used to think January just a grey dull month that I had to just get through to get to my birthday in February, and yes I accept presents in case anyone is wondering ;). Now I know better. January starts with Auld Lang Syne in the WWE as indeed very often ” Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never thought upon.” Old story lines and alliances are thrown out with the old year and revamped in an attempt to make the headline stories that will appear in WrestleMania make sense.  This is furthered along by my husband’s most cherished childhood memory and pay per view The Royal Rumble. Can’t you just see it an adorable 4-year-old Matt Harrak jumping up and down with unrestrained joy as his not as enthusiastic mother says he can watch the pay per view for his birthday. Ah childhood joy in the form of grown men running into a ring and being tossed out; it’s the simple things in life people. Anyway back to reality, I have noticed this event is a not so fancy way to switch up the lineup and bench a few lazy players.

I know this change-up drives people crazy and I can totally see why I mean come on you had booked the main event of WrestleMania the day after the last one ended you would think a little foresight could be used in the writing of the show but I guess WWE creative only employs people who frequent street corners with The World is Ending signs. So let us all try to be understanding of the impending apocalypse and hope for a Wyatt Brothers all turn out to be zombies story line. Now that is a new twist in the cult of heels storyline no one saw coming! So as we all practice our Buddha-like mindfulness of the moment that WWE watching requires we further travel down the road to WrestleMania to the Elimination Chamber pay per view. Lets face it this is filler I mean I just had to ask my husband if it existed lol. So yeah lets skip that commercial and fast forward to the main event.

Whoa! Just when you think it will never come and that the world doesn’t make sense anymore WrestleMania is here! Phew I can’t tell you how many anxiety ridden moments I have had leading up to this event, I mean will CM Punk make it into a match or will he be short-changed because Cena threw a bitch fit because he wasn’t in the main event, and yes I know that would never and has never happened. As if Cena wouldn’t be in the main event that’s just laughable the children of the world would collectively weep and we can’t have that. I can’t say I believe WrestleMania is the best show WWE puts on and I bet I am not alone on that one, but it has a Disney rip off quality to it that makes it fun anyway. I am in a unique position in my adult life to have gone through the never seen it, watched it on tv, went to it live last year transition. Yes I went to WrestleMania. A dream come true? Well I don’t know about that but I am the world’s best wife and that title must be maintained so I took my husband down to the stinky part of New Jersey in freezing cold weather to an out-door arena, at night all while being very pregnant. No it wasn’t my best memory but that was mostly due to them running out of food before half the show was over; I mean hello I was pregnant! It seemed cruel at the time and I held the state of New Jersey responsible. It was fun and I like that I can say my baby went to Wrestlemania but I would NEVER and I mean NEVER go to another show in New Jersey again. Yes I just wrote over 800 words of rambling nonsense to tell the state of New Jersey it will never know the glowing warmth of my presence ever again. Take that New Jersey this Momma is going to bed satisfied that the gods in charge of WrestleMania have taken the event out of your incapable hands.