Quick Hits: WWE Main Event 1.22.14 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

R- Truth v. Damien Sandow

: I know it’s Wrestlemania season and all but Damien Sandow really has to be considered to having the worst post Money in the Bank push in the HISTORY! That’s right Dolph, move over. I thought maybe Sandow’s character could cross over into the main event scene but the mid card it is for the intellectual savior.

The Bella Twins v. Alicia Fox & Aksana

: I never noticed before but the recent Divas matches with Aksana have really shown me she can work. Her persona is up there with the best of the Divas minus AJ Lee but move over mid card Divas, Aksana is moving on up.

Sin Cara v. Alberto Del Rio

: How many times will we see Sin Cara against Alberto Del Rio, honestly no one knows. The WWE must still be high on Del Rio, as the rumor mill says Del Rio will be in a program with Batista heading into the Elimination Chamber pay per view. I am a fan of Hunico protracting the Sin Cara character but countless matches with Alberto Del Rio does nothing for no one.

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