10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 2.14.14 (w/Justin C)


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Hello everyone. I’ve decided to switch it up with my Smackdown coverage. Instead of a Quick Hits column, I’m going to start doing a 10 Thoughts piece and expand a bit more on my thoughts.

1. Since I started covering Smackdown and RAW for HTCWrestling, it seems like almost every week that Smackdown is the better show. Smackdown is much more wrestling focused with very little meaningless filler. It’s proof that three hours is too damn long for a weekly wrestling show. There’s no reason RAW couldn’t be as good Smackdown if it was only a two hour show.

2. Sheamus gets a lot of flack from the IWC. But he’s probably the best big man worker the WWE has to offer. His match on RAW where he and Cesaro were exchanging some stiff looking shots was fun to watch. Sheamus just needs to be a heel, where I think he is better off compared to being a face. Maybe the accidental Brogue Kick to Christian is the start of something down the line.

3. It’s pretty evident that the WWE struggles with returning stars and giving them something to do. Mark Henry’s return was a bust. Rey Mysterio has been nothing more than a glorified jobber. Christian was barely promoted at all. Of course, those are also three aging stars who at this point may be better off retiring.

4. I’m interested to see how this Real Americans break up goes. It’s pretty obvious that Cesaro is going to be the face. But then the question of what to do with Zeb comes into play. I think Cesaro is better with a mouth piece, but I don’t know about Zeb because his character is suppose to be a heel.

5. I know I’m in the minority but I love the Bad News Barrett character. I just wish he would have an actual feud and start wrestling.

6. The end to the eight man tag match was a lot of fun. It once again shows that you don’t need a stupid storyline to tell a story and get people interested. Instead, the Usos are simply telling a story in the ring and winning. And that shows that they want to win the Tag Team Titles. Sometimes simple storytelling like that is the best TV.

7. Two takeaways from that brief Damien Sandow/Darren Young match. The first is that I hope Young and O’Neil get a proper PPV Match to settle their feud. And I’m not talking about a pre-show match. Why not give these two a No DQ Match at Elimination Chamber, Second thought, I can’t believe how far Damien Sandow has fallen as a performer. Easily the biggest drop off from Money in the Bank winner since the match was first created. At least Swagger won a Title from it.

8. Hopefully Emma gets to actually wrestle soon instead of just being a side kick for Santino.

9. I really don’t get dropping Antonio for Cesaro. People aren’t going to take Cesaro any less seriously because his name is Antonio. His offense is already over enough and he is going to continue to be over when he becomes a full fledged face. I know people love the swing but I’m a much bigger fan of how he delivers his upper cuts.

10. Another great match to close out a great wrestling show. Once again, however, I am not that big a fan of the Champion losing clean in a singles match. You can make the Champion look vulnerable as much as you want, but it gets to a point where some fans just won’t take your Champion seriously anymore. And with Orton already not being over as Champ as it is, losing three times doesn’t help matters.

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One thought on “10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 2.14.14 (w/Justin C)

  1. I enjoyed the Orton/Cesaro finish. Orton losing nearly all of his singles matches in order to win the Chamber may make him this “I can win the big one” heels which I’ve always enjoyed. Yes it shows vulnerability but when your champion loses in non-title/tag matches but wins in the big stage, I for one get very excited when he finally does drop the belt at a PPV


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