10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 2.21.14 (w/Justin C)


sd 2.21.14

1. I hope Jack Swagger doesn’t get lost in mid-card purgatory after his break-up with Cesaro. I’ve always found Swagger to be a good worker in the ring. I thought he did great during his promos as World Champ, it was just his booking that sucked. Swagger isn’t a main eventer but there’s no reason he couldn’t be in the upper mid-card and have competitive TV main events with some higher up guys.

2. They really need to get to the point with this Kane/Daniel Bryan stuff. It’s getting repetitive. If Kane also takes out Bryan on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber, then it will make me worry that Kane is possibly facing Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. Hopefully the WWE isn’t that stupid. But Bryan needs to get his revenge on Kane. And we can only hope that happens on RAW and not at Mania.

3. If I’m Rey Mysterio, I seriously wonder if coming back is really worth it. His contract is supposedly up soon. He’s got two really bad knees. Since he’s been back, he hasn’t had a storyline to speak of and his pretty much been a part of six man tag matches. I’m sure merchandise sales are good for Rey, but if he is nothing more than a guy taking the falls in these matches, wouldn’t you much rather be at home spending time with your family?

4. I don’t get why the WWE just didn’t bring Christian back as a heel in the first place. They are lacking for heels anyways and he seems to be doing a lot better as a heel than a face anyways. I get people like Christian but I always thought he was better as a heel anyways.

5. Ok, enough with the dance offs. Can we please just let Emma wrestle already???

6. To this day I still can’t get over how much Dolph Ziggler has fallen. He’s gone from World Champ to being used in a singles match for a mid-card feud. And I don’t want to takeaway from Titus/Darren and their feud, I’m glad it is happening, but man Dolph should be doing much more than this.

7. If the New Age Outlaws can wrestle in shirts and have slow-paced matches, then there is no reason Sting can’t come in and do the same. And he probably works faster than the Outlaws anyways.

8. Once again, the WWE does a great job with their Elimination Chamber video package. It does a great job of making it seem like that everyone involved in the Chamber will go through hell to get to the main event of WrestleMania.

9. Speaking of turning heel, Sheamus is someone who could use that too. His character has been stale as a face for awhile. And I could see him being someone who ends up siding with Triple H and doing his dirty work. With guys like Cesaro and Roman Reigns waiting in the wings, there’s no reason Sheamus couldn’t move over to the heel side of things.

10. Good match between these two. Surprised to Christian lose to just the White Noise. With Christian ending Smackdown on top, I feel pretty confident saying he won’t win on Sunday (like it was even a remote possibility anyways). Very much just a place holder Smackdown with no Orton or Cena to hype the Chamber.

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Justin C

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