10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 2.28.14 (w/Justin C)


sd 2/28/14


1. It is kind of funny to see all of this Batista stuff finally blow up in the WWE’s face. And they have no one else to blame but themselves. They treated Batista as a bigger star than they thought he was. Had he debuted A-As a Heel, or B-As a face not directly thrown into the main event, then they wouldn’t have had to deal with this problem. They could have put Batista/Orton as like the third or fourth top match and the fans would’ve accepted it. But not as the main event of WrestleMania.

2. I thought Batista’s promo was good. To me, it pretty much came off as a heel turn. He basically stated what everyone feels is true. Fans often cling to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk because they are normal in size and can adapt to them. Of course it also helps that they’re great in the ring too. And I liked Ziggler’s part in it as well. That’s something I would like to see happen more often. Have someone like a Ziggler come out and challenge bigger stars every once in a while. It was a good set up for a match later on in the show, and makes Ziggler look good for just coming out and challenging Batista.

3. Has anyone had as great a two week stretch as Cesaro? He beats Randy Orton in a good match, then he has a great match with John Cena on RAW. Cesaro then puts on a great performance in the Elimination Chamber, another solid match with Big E, the Match of the Year with Sami Zayn and hits the Neutralizer on Mark Henry. Remember when the WWE higher-ups thought Cesaro was boring? Yeah that status is long gone.

4. I like Sheamus as an in ring performer. My problem is that it seems like all of his matches have been done to death already. He’s fought Alberto del Rio a bunch of times. Same could be said with Randy Orton. And now he’s feuding with Christian, who he’s already fought numerous times in the last month. That really shouldn’t be a WrestleMania match. I’d much rather see Sheamus take on someone new like Cesaro.

5. Vince must have just seen Rocky 4, because Alexander Rusev and Lana look just like Ivan Drago and his wife from that movie.

6. If I’m Batista, I’m begging the WWE to make the Title match at WrestleMania a triple threat match. And not because it is the right thing to do. I’d be doing it because Batista is clearly not in the best shape of his life. The guy is out of breath five minutes into a match on Smackdown. And its been like that ever since he came back. Even if Batista’s return went better it still wouldn’t hide the fact of how out of shape he is. At least in a triple threat he can have some rest spots and not worry about being the focus of attention the whole time.

7. Someone needs to explain why giving John Cena a fake knee injury does anything for his match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. Is it simply so Cena can overcome the odds yet again? That is just dumb. We all know Cena is the big powerful babyface that can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. Is it so Bray can win and Cena have a reason to explain the loss? Here’s an original idea: Just let Cena lose clean. Why not have a new star go over the top star in your company and give him some credibility?

8. So the WWE is giving us The Shield vs The Wyatts on Monday to appease the Chicago crowd and to try and calm them down. You know, if the WWE had booked things the right way and handled things better, they wouldn’t have had to worry about the crowd. The could have built the rematch up to WrestleMania and had it in a Hell In A Cell. But that is a whole different can of worms.

9. What the hell was with Cameron’s scream during her match on Smackdown? I thought she was getting attacked but it was while she was on offense.

10. The six man tag to close the show just kind of seemed like it was there. Nothing special to it. The Outlaws need to be done after WrestleMania. They just aren’t that great anymore. The match gave Bryan another win over one of Triple H’s friends/cronies. It still won’t matter if Bryan doesn’t get in the WWE Title match at some point.

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