JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 3.3.14

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And They Got Everyone Right Away

CM Punk’s music hit to start the show. After a long pause, Paul Heyman came out. Heyman played up the crowd and said that he believes that Punk deserves louder than that. Heyman sat indian style in the ring and said he came there tonight to tell the story of a Paul Heyman guy. A Paul Heyman guy who was never truly wanted in the WWE. A guy they thought was too small to main event WrestleMania and didn’t have the right corporate look. A guy they didn’t want before and don’t want now. A Paul Heyman guy who had the balls to say what no one else had the balls to say. One that was born in and still lives in Chicago. Heyman said this is his pipe bomb on CM Punk, who is not here this evening.

Heyman said he doesn’t disagree with these people and he’s just as disappointed that he can’t see Punk perform as the crowd can. Heyman said if Punk was here that Punk would be proving that he is the best in the world. Heyman said there is someone to blame about why he couldn’t put up with stuff around here anymore. Heyman said he blames each and everyone of us. Heyman said the truth hurts and that is why he’s always chosen to lie. Heyman said that when Punk was with him he was the Best in the World. But when the audience made Punk their hero they took him away from Heyman and made him someone else.

Heyman said that he also blames The Undertaker, because Punk losing at WrestleMania is what started his downward spiral. Heyman said he wants revenge and wants the Streak to end. And there is only one man that can conquer that Streak, and that is Brock Lesnar. Out came Lesnar. He said unlike some people, he doesn’t make claims that he can’t back up. Lesnar said that he believes Undertaker is scared to death of him. Lesnar said that HBK, HHH and CM Punk are all failures for not ending The Streak. And he will conquer The Streak, unlike all of them.

Mark Henry then made his way out to the ring. Lesnar backed away, but Henry knocked him down with a charge. Lesnar reversed Henry and threw him into the steps. Lesnar then hit Henry with the steps and started taking apart the announce table. Lesnar tossed one of the monitors too far and it ended up in the crowd. Lesnar then hit the F5 on Henry, sending him through the announce table.

So The Crowd Can Chant Something Besides CM Punk

The Usos vs New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg said the crowd wasn’t worthy of his catchphrases. Road Dogg tossed one of the Usos kind of hard into the corner. Billy came in and worked him over with some punches. Road Dogg came back in and hit a clothesline on Jey. Road Dogg tossed Jey over the ropes into commercial. Billy caught Jey with a kick to the face back from break. Jey eventually caught Road Dogg with a kick to the face after he ducked the first one. Jimmy got the hot tag and caught Billy with an elbow and kick to the mid-section. He knocked Road Dogg off the apron and hit a Samoan Drop on Billy. Jimmy hit the butt splash on Road Dogg then a corkscrew dive off the top on Billy. Jimmy knocked Road Dogg off the apron again but Billy rolled him up and got two. Billy hit a tilt-a-whirl backdrop. Jimmy moved out of the way of a Fameasser then tagged in Jey as he hit a dive to the outside on Road Dogg. Jey hit a superkick then the dive off the top rope to pick up the win and become new Tag Team Champions.


Well That Was Quick

Cesaro vs Big E. Cesaro caught Big E immediately and hit a backbreaker. Big E recovered and tossed Cesaro into the corner then hit a belly-to-belly. Cesaro tossed Big E to the outside. Swagger tried to interfere but ate a right hand. Cesaro hit the Swing on Big E back in the ring. Swagger came in and hit the Swagger Bomb to cause another DQ. After the match Big E hit the Big Ending on Cesaro.

WINNER: Big E via DQ

This Should’ve Been A Hell In A Cell Match At Mania. But This Is Okay I Guess

It’s The Shield vs The Wyatts again. Ambrose and Rollins started with dives to the outside while Reigns took out Bray in the ring. Rollins and Harper started the actual match. Rollins hit a dropkick. Harper tried to hit a backdrop off the top but Rollins landed on his feet. Rollins hit a Swanton to the outside on Harper then a dive on Rowan. Rollins tried going to the top again but Bray knocked him off. Rollins was then thrown into the barricade going into commercial.

Back from break, Harper had control over Rollins and knocked him down, but Rollins caught Harper with a kick to the head. Ambrose came off the apron and tried going to Bray. Reigns stopped him but this left no one for Rollins to tag. Rowan came in but Rollins hit a drop toehold into the corner. Harper knocked Reigns off the apron, but Ambrose got the tag. Ambrose hit a dropkick to the knee of Rowan then applied a figure four. It was broken up and the Wyatts now took control over Ambrose. Harper hit a dropkick. Rowan hit a backbreaker then went to his double fist head crush. Ambrose escaped by pulling on Rowan’s beard, but walked right into a backdrop. Harper hit a couple of uppercuts, but Ambrose bounced off the ropes after one and hit a clothesline. Bray came in and knocked Reigns off the apron, but Ambrose hit a DDT.

Ambrose went to make the tag but Rollins walked away. Reigns questioned him but Rollins said that he wasn’t going to be the glue and Reigns wasn’t there when he went to tag. Bray hit his crossbody but Reigns broke up the pin and hit the Superman Punch on everyone. Reigns hit his apron dropkick on Harper then speared Rowan over the announce table. Harper then hit a dive through the second rope knocking Reigns over the table. Ambrose then hit a dive onto Harper, only to be taken out by bray. Bray then hit the Sister Abigail on Ambrose to pick up the win as Seth Rollins watched on from the ramp.

WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Batista was interviewed. He said the YES Movement was stupid and that he can’t believe Daniel Bryan passes for a WWE Superstar nowadays. Batista said Bryan is not him.

Can We Just Get Emma vs Paige Again Instead?

Santino and Emma vs Fandango and Summer Rae. Santino and Emma high fived which meant they kept tagging each other in. Eventually Fandango took out Santino from behind. Santino tried fighting back with some punches but Fandango caught him with a spinning heel kick. Fandango rolled through a dive off the top and Santino caught him with a punch to the gut. The ladies came in and Emma knocked down Summer Rae. Emma hit her crossbody into the corner. Santino scared off Fandango with the Cobra and Emma had Summer Rae tap to the Emma lock for the win.

WINNERS: Emma and Santino

The New Dolph/Kofi

Is Christian vs Sheamus. Christian slapped Sheamus across the face a couple times. Sheamus chased Christian around the ring then tossed Christian into the barricade a couple times. Sheamus hit a knee drop but Christian ended up catching Sheamus with a running knee. Christian threw Sheamus into the corner but Sheamus caught him with a kick to the gut and clothesline, followed by the Irish Curse backbreaker. Christian ducked Sheamus and he went to the outside. Christian went for a baseball slide but Sheamus moved out of the way. Christian escaped and went behind the announce table and tried to avoid Sheamus into commercial.

Christian had control of the match back from break. He clotheslined Sheamus on the apron. Christian hit a backdrop but missed a top rope splash off the top. Sheamus then caught Christian and hit a rolling senton. Sheamus started his comeback and went for his rope punches. Christian stopped him and tried slamming Sheamus into the post but Sheamus blocked it and then hit his rope punches followed by a high knee. Christian ducked a bunch and hit a reverse DDT and a frog splash off the top for two. Sheamus hit White Noise after moving out of the way of a Christian uppercut for two. Sheamus charged at Christian in the corner but Christian caught him with a kick to the face. Sheamus went to the outside and caught Christian with a Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

Backstage, Sheamus was attacked by Christian. He used a light from the interview set.

The Bellas beat Aksana and Alicia Fox.

A Whole Lot Of Talking Leads To, Nothing?

Daniel Bryan came out to face Batista. Bryan said he loves that the audience has a voice. And they are going to hijack RAW. Bryan said he is not going to leave the ring until one of two things happen. The crowd chanted CM Punk and Bryan laughed. He said he won’t leave until Batista comes out and fights or Triple H answers his challenge. Triple H came out with Stephanie. Steph said she admired Bryan for not hiding in embarrassment. Bryan said he’s been screwed over for months yet he still stands there unbroken. Triple H told Bryan that their match isn’t going to happen and that this is the excuses error. He made up people screwing people over and used the term burying people. He said people who didn’t make it there aren’t good enough, that’s the reality. HHH called Bryan a B+ player and said it is going to take a lot more than a B+ player to make him lace up his boots at Mania.

Bryan said that HHH doesn’t listen to the people who want people like him to succeed. Bryan said the only way people will ever see that is if he beats the crap out of him at WrestleMania. Steph said everyone cheering for him is getting to Bryan’s head. She said without her family Bryan would have nothing. Steph said everything set up was for him and that her family made him. Bryan said that maybe Steph should put on HHH’s trunks and HHH put on Steph’s skirt and Bryan and her could fight at Mania. HHH said it wasn’t gonna happen and mockingly said it to Bryan. HHH said WrestleMania was the showcase of the immortals and this doesn’t measure up. He then told Bryan to get out of the ring. Bryan said this was the fans ring. HHH said everything in the arena belonged to them. HHH told him to get out again and Bryan said to make him.

Steph called Kane out but Bryan caught him with a dive to the outside of the ring. Steph called for security and they blocked him from coming into the ring.

It’s Aaron Paul, BITCH!

It’s Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto del Rio. Aaron Paul drove out Ziggler. Del Rio took the upper hand and tossed Ziggler in the air. Del Rio landed a couple kicks then went to a headlock. Dolph escaped and caught Del Rio with a dropkick then some corner punches. Del Rio moved out of the way of a Fameasser and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Ziggler cameback with a DDT. Dolph took his time and ate an armdrop followed by a kick to the head for two. Aaron Paul jumped on the announce table to distract Del Rio. Del Rio went for the cross armbreaker, but Dolph countered and hit the ZigZag for the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Pau Bearer was announced as the next member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Before Big E vs Jack Swagger started, Cesaro came in and hit the Neutralizer on Big E, causing a DQ. Swagger shoved Cesaro and Cesaro pushed him down and went for the Swing. Zeb told him not to do it. Zeb told Cesaro to help his brother up. Zeb said they were Real Americans and they should hug it out. They did, and followed it with a We The People.

Cena Supports Change! Cena Is For The People!

John Cena came out. Cena said thanks for the warm Chicago welcome. He was injured last week by the Wyatts and he can’t have a match tonight because he’s injured as the crowd chanted YES. Cena said that even though he can’t compete he wanted to come out there to hear the energy and passion of an entire city as the crowd chanted CM Punk. He said that he’s had great moments in the arena. He brought up Money in the Bank but not CM Punk by name. Cena said he respects Chicago and even if they boo him he knows they’re honest and loud. He said he’s been listening and the WWE Universe wants change. He respects that, but success is earned and change goes through him. Cena said he is standing tall right here.

The Wyatts appeared on screen. Bray said Cena reminds him of a Championship horse who races and wins and everyone cheers. But one day, that horse stops winning. Bray said he is the reaper that will put Cena down. He asked Cena what will be left for him when he takes everything away.

Alexander Rusev cut a promo in Bulgarian.

ANNND, Nothing…

It’s main event time with Randy Orton at ringside. Batista shoved Bryan down a couple times. Bryan caught Batista with a dropkick to the knee. He landed some kicks. Bryan hit another dropkick with Batista’s leg in the ropes then went to a half crab. Batista shoved Bryan away. Bryan landed some uppercuts but Batista bounced back with a clothesline. Batista tossed Bryan to the outside and they went into a VERY late commercial.

Back from commercial Bryan escaped a headlock and took out Batista with a clothesline. Bryan hit two dropkicks in the corner then bailed to the outside, but Bryan hit a dive. Back in the ring Bryan hit a missile dropkick followed by multiple kicks and then a kick to the head for two. Suddenly The Authority came out. The distraction allowed Batista to knock Bryan to the outside and send Bryan into the steps, followed by throwing Bryan into Orton. Batista mocked the fans in the ring. Bryan caught Batista with a kick to the head but Orton came in and hit a clothesline, causing a DQ. Bryan hit a running knee on Orton followed by a dropkick to Batista, then a dive onto HHH and Kane.

Back in the ring, Batista caught Bryan with a Spear. HHH then ate a kick to the head from Bryan, but Batista came back with a Batista Bomb. HHH then nailed the Pedigree on Bryan and The Authority stood tall to end the show.


Heyman Promo: Paul Heyman’s opening promo was great. He played to the crowd perfectly and did a good job of tying anything CM Punk related into Brock Lesnar’s promo with The Undertaker. Heyman showed he can get the crowd to eat out of the palm of his hand and he knows how to deliver a good promo. Lesnar’s beatdown of Mark Henry was also solid.

Shield vs Wyatts: Another great six man tag match between these two groups. Something this big should have been saved for WrestleMania. I get why they did it here. And everything played into The Shield break up. I was surprised with the outcome of Seth Rollins being the one to leave the team. But they’ve been doing a good job of focusing on him in recent weeks.

Usos Win The Tag Titles: I thought they would save this for WrestleMania. But I get why they did it here. Maybe it finally gets The Outlaws out of the tag scene after the Main Event rematch, and then Rowan and Harper get a shot at Mania. And thankfully, the crowd responded the right way with the win.


Bryan/HHH: Look, I get that they are building to a Mania match. It should have been like this since SummerSlam. They backed their way into the match. But everything about tonight lead to nothing. HHH didn’t accept Bryan’s challenge. Instead, they had a promo leading to nothing, then HHH beat down Bryan at the end of the show and still didn’t accept it. I know we are getting there, but what the hell are they going to do to finally have HHH accept Bryan’s challenge. Kidnap Stephanie? Break into his house and hold his kids hostage?

Christian/Sheamus: The match was okay. But why would we want to presumably see this at Mania if we have already seen it multiple times leading up to it. Just doesn’t make sense.

One thing I will say, is can the CM Punk chants finally stop? If he was going to come back, tonight was the night. But he didn’t. CM Punk walked out on the WWE and quit. If he comes back, I’ll be happy. But for now we have to move on. If Punk was fired it would be one thing, but he did this all on his own. It is time to accept that and move on.

As far as the show, I’m giving it a 5. One really good match, but Mania still leaves a lot to be desired after tonight.

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