10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 3.7.14 (w/Justin C)

SD 3.7.14

1. The logical way to finish these Batista promos would be for him tapping to Daniel Bryan in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania. That is what logic says. The WWE, unfortunately, doesn’t like to use logic when it comes to their booking. So that is why there is a good chance Wrestlemania likely ends with HHH beating Daniel Bryan and Batista closing the show as Champion. When you’ve been a WWE fan for so long, the negative school of thought tends to over take your mind.

2. Oh look, here comes my favorite wrestler the Big Show to make the save! Now part of me thinks that Big Show will get added to the WWE Title match at Mania.

3. A GM making Tag Team Matches on Smackdown just doesn’t feel the same without a “Hold On A Minute Playa!” Bring Back Teddy Long!

4. Well, it looks like we are getting Sheamus vs Christian at Wrestlemania. I don’t think it will be a regular singles match though. The crowd in Chicago crapped on that match (which I thought was completely unjustified). But the story isn’t building to that. Part of me almost thinks that Christian’s career is somehow put on the line. They’re trying to build it up as a blood feud between the two. And we’ve seen a basic singles match between the two multiple times. So something different has to be added to make the match feel Wrestlemania worthy.

5. If I was the WWE at this point I would just try to bring in Mickie James for Wrestlemania to challenge AJ. Naomi, the only real deserving Diva, is hurt. Natalya’s time has come and gone. Plus she’s portrayed as nothing but a crybaby on Total Divas. Unless you’re going to hot shot the Title to Emma or Paige, what other options do you have left?

6. There was a lot to like about that Shield promo. I was worried where Seth Rollins would fit in when The Shield eventually breaks up but he has stood out the most out of all three in recent weeks. And Rollins at least made sense with his reasons during the promo. I still think The Shield breaks up before Wrestlemania. But man, how loud would a face pop be if The Shield came down on RAW and saved Daniel Bryan from an Authority beatdown?

7. I like Sheamus as a wrestler and think the Internet craps on him way too much. He can bring it in the ring. My problem is that it seems like he’s always fighting the same guys. How many times has he fought Alberto del Rio and Christian since coming back? At some point, a heel turn is needed for him down the line.

8. Bray Wyatt would be an instant main eventer if he beats John Cena at Wrestlemania. Too bad I don’t like the odds of that happening.

9. At least the WWE is putting time into the debut of Alexander Rusev and making him seem like a threat. Hopefully the crowd is actually into his debut and doesn’t get stupid and chant dumb shit during his matches. If you want a mid-card to matter, you have to give wrestlers a chance.

10. When Big Show is in better shape than you in the ring, you know that you have a problem. And I’m looking at you Batista. He’s sitting there gassed on the apron as I’m writing this. He had how many months to prepare for this? I mean the guy was never a workhorse in the ring, but I just expected the guy to at least be in respectable shape for his comeback. And if you don’t think that is part of the reason for the fans’ hate of him, guess again.

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