JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 3.10.14

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It’s The WWE’s Way Of Re-Doing The Royal Rumble

Hulk Hogan came out to start the show. He talked about watching some of his old Wrestlemania matches on the WWE Network. He talked about how he still gets goosebumps watching him slam Andre the Giant. He said that gave him a great idea. He said he came up with a 30 man over the top rope battle royal for Wrestlemania, and the winner gets the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy.

John Cena then decided to come out. Cena said he likes being in a ring with the energy like the crowd has. Cena said it was an honor to be in the ring with Hogan. Cena said he was going nuts watching Hulk slam Andre at Wrestlemania 3 while he watched it at home. But he knew at that point Hulkamania would live forever. John Cena said he was entering the battle royal. But the Wyatts interrupted.

Bray said that the virtues Hulk Hogan talks about would do no one any good. Bray called Cena and Hogan liars and they prey on the vulnerability of others. Bray said that if Cena looks him straight in the eye he will see a god. Cena said he doesn’t see a god, he sees a homeless man and then sang and said Bray found his chair at cracker barrel. Cena said if he wants to be something than Bray should prove it. Cena challenged Bray for a match at Wrestlemania. Bray said it is all fun and games for him and he will never learn. Rowan and Harper stared down Hogan and Cena on the apron as they went to commercial.

Back from break, Cena vs Erik Rowan had already started. Rowan hit a pump handle slam into a backbreaker for two. Cena tried a comeback but Rowan caught him and hit a fallaway slam. Cena moved out of the way of a splash in the corner, but Rowan caught Cena again and went to a bearhug. Rowan released the hold and hit a bodyslam. Rowan went for a running bulldog but Cena escaped and went with a schoolboy roll up to score the win.

WINNER: John Cena

After the match Rowan and Harper stood on the apron again and teased a battle with Cena and Hogan. Bray told them to back off and they did. Hulk and Cena celebrated in the ring.

Someone Should Tell Stephanie She’s A B+ Promo

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. She said last week Daniel Bryan viciously attacked her husband and that was grounds for determination. She said they apologize and there is a following for the Daniel Bryan brand. Not an A+ following like Batista, Randy Orton or HHH but a nice niche following. She said as long as Daniel Bryan returns the favor and apologizes to HHH. She said her husband is above Daniel Bryan and would never fight him at Wrestlemania.

From A Writer’s Perspective, I Wish The Usos Had Their Names Somewhere On Their Gear

It’s The Usos vs Rybaxel with the New Age Outlaws on commentary. Jimmy caught Ryback with an armdrag takedown then he tagged in Curtis Axel who got caught with a nasty looking uppercut. Axel took down Jimmy Uso and he went kind of hard into the ropes face first. Ryback hit a splash in the ring then tagged in Axel. Jimmy escaped a backdrop and tagged in Jey. Jey hit a couple clotheslines then a Samoan Drop on Axel. Jey ducked a Ryback clothesline then hit the butt splash on Axel followed by a superkick to Ryback, then another to Axel. Jey did the dive to the outside on Ryback while tagging Jimmy. Jimmy hit the splash off the top for the win.


Kane talked to The Shield and said they have proved to be a valuable asset in the past and wants to see if they are still one, or if they have become disposable. Kane said the first cracks on appeared once they lost to the Rhodes Brothers, so Reigns and Rollins will face them again. Seth asked if Kane was trying to deflect the attention away from his recent losses. Ambrose said they will get rid of the demon he’s talking about. Reigns said just like anything else that gets in their way.

Maybe Zeb Should Settle International Affairs Too

It’s Big E vs Jack Swagger. Swagger backed Big E into the corner and landed some knees. Big E reversed Swagger and landed a couple shots to the gut in the corner and then some corner punches. But Swagger stopped that and slammed down Big E and followed up with a clothesline. Swagger caught Big E with a boot to the face for two. Swagger landed some more punches and boots but Big E started a comeback. He landed a couple clotheslines and shoulder tackles but Swagger caught Big E with a chop block. Zeb tried getting Cesaro to interfere but he refused and said Swagger told him that he’s got this. Swagger yelled at Cesaro, which allowed Big E to roll up Swagger and pick up the win.


Cesaro and Swagger stood toe to toe after. Zeb went nuts and said he was getting sick of all of this and he’s had enough. Zeb told both of them to shake hands and they reluctantly did. Cesaro held on tight and wouldn’t let go for a few seconds.

The Entrance Felt Longer Than The Promo

The Undertaker came out. Before he could say anything, Paul Heyman came on stage. Heyman talked about Taker’s Streak. He said Shawn Michaels didn’t win two Wrestlemania matches in a row. Hulk Hogan could never get past three. Steve Austin and John Cena only got to four in a row. He said Taker has 21 consecutive victories in 21 straight matches. He asked Taker to not step in the ring wit Brock Lesnar. Heyman said everyone needs something to worship and the WWE Universe worships The Streak. And Brock Lesnar is the reality that will cause the dream of The Streak to come crashing down. Heyman said Taker needs to fear Lesnar because if he steps in the ring with his client at Wrestlemania 30, The Streak will be conquered by Brock Lesnar.

Taker said since Heyman is Brock Lesnar’s message boy, he had a message for him. Taker said the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of them all. Taker said to tell Lesnar that if he shows up in New Orleans at Wrestlemania 30, he will Rest in Peace.

Is It Wrong That I Don’t Want The Shield To Break Up?

It’s the Rhodes Brothers vs Rollins and Reigns. Rollins and Cody started. Rollins caught Cody with a kick to the gut and landed some more kicks in the corner. Cody came back and held Seth in the air for a while before hitting a suplex. Goldust came in and got some offense in before Seth caught him with an elbow. Goldust threw Rollins into the corner then hit a backdrop. Cody came in and threw Seth hard into the corner. Cody grabbed Seth’s legs but Seth flipped up and landed on his feet then threw Cody into the turnbuckle. Reigns came in and worked Cody over. Rollins came back in and hit a punch off the top followed by a knee to the face. Reigns came in and missed a splash in the corner, allowing Cody to tag in Goldust. Goldust caught Reigns with a right hand then a spinebuster. Goldust caught Reigns with an elbow then Rollins with a kick and hit a crossbody off the top. Both Shield members were thrown to the outside and Cody hit a dive off the top while Goldust hit a Senton off the apron into commercial.

Back from break Reigns caught Goldust with a suplex followed by a clothesline. Rollins came in and went to a headlock. Rollins released it and hit a splash. Reigns tagged in and hit his apron dropkick. Reigns taunted Goldust, but Goldust tried fighting back but Reigns took him down again. Rollins came in and hit a short clothesline. Goldust fought out of a wrist lock, but Rollins came back with an enziguri kick to the head. Reigns came  back in and hit a clothesline in the corner, but when he went for a second one Goldust hit a powerslam. Rollins stopped the tag, but Goldust kicked him away and tagged in Cody.

Cody went for a quick roll up. He escaped a backdrop and caught Reigns with a Disaster Kick then a moonsult onto Rollins for two. Cody hit a MuscleBuster on Rollins but Reigns broke up the pin. Goldust knocked him out of the Reigns as Cody and Seth hit heads. Reigns came back in and Speared Goldust, but was then tossed out of the ring by Cody. Seth escaped the Cross Rhodes. Cody went for the Disaster Kick but Rollins caught him and hit his Buckle Bomb, tossing Cody into the corner. Rollins then hit the Curb Stomp finisher for the win.

WINNERS: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

The Bella Twins beat AJ Lee and Tamina after Nikki hit a Torture Rack Backbreaker on AJ to pick up the win. After the match, Nikki held the Divas Title as Natalya looked on from the apron.

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Daniel Bryan came out. He said Stephanie McMahon’s apology was not sincere. He said he wasn’t going to apologize for kicking HHH in the face. He said if HHH is going to send people down to get in his face and Pedigree him, he is not going to back down. He will fight. Bryan said he refused to apologize. Bryan said it ends here tonight. He said HHH is not listening to any of us but tonight that will change. Bryan said tonight the YES Movement was going to occupy RAW. Bryan said he isn’t leaving the ring until he gets a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. Bryan said he was not alone. And suddenly, a handful of fans in Daniel Bryan shirts started to enter the ring.

Back from break the ring was filled with and surrounded by fans in Bryan shirts. Triple H and Stephanie came out. Triple H said they had 30 seconds to clear the ring before they get arrested. HHH then wanted security. Bryan said what if everyone leaves and they have an empty arena for the rest of RAW. Security came out but it was just two bald guys and they refused to do anything. Stephanie said they were all being manipulated by Bryan and he was the wrong horse to back. Bryan said that they continue to under-estimate the audience. Bryan said they own this ring. Triple H said this ends now and asked for the next match to start.

Damien Sandow’s music played. Bryan asked him to join the YES Movement and enter the ring. Sandow instead just walked away. Triple H yelled at him. Steph took the mic and said to not disprespect RAW. Steph said everything there was hers and she owns it all. She screamed to everyone to get out. Bryan continued to egg on HHH and said he wouldn’t leave until he got his match. Triple H said he liked Bryan and he tried to protect him. HHH said he didn’t want to fight Bryan to protect himself, but now he will do everything he can to end Bryan. HHH accepted Bryan’s challenge. Bryan said that isn’t all he wants. He said that these people also want to see him in the WWE Title match. Bryan said that if he beats Triple H at Wrestlemania, he wants to be added to the WWE Title match. Triple H tried storming the ring but security stopped him. Triple H said if that’s what he wants he’s got it.

Are They Trying To Break A Streak With These Two?

It’s Christian vs Sheamus in a Memphis Street Fight. Christian ducked a Brogue Kick and landed some right hands, but Sheamus came back and clotheslined Christian over the top. Sheamus tossed Christian into the barricade then slammed him a couple times on the announce table. Sheamus tried hitting Christian with a guitar but Christian ducked and it smashed on the ringpost. Christian caught Sheamus with a kick then hit him a couple times in the gut with the guitar. Sheamus reversed Christian and tossed him into the steps. They fought up the ramp and Christian pushed Sheamus to the floor then hit a tornado DDT onto the floor.

Back from break Sheamus went into the ringpost and Christian grabbed a Singapore cane. Christian hit Sheamus about ten times in the back with it. Sheamus moved out of the way of a cane shot in the corner, but Christian took him out with a boot to the gut. Christian went for a cane shot off the top but Sheamus caught him off the ropes. Sheamus hit a couple axe handles and then a rolling senton for two. Sheamus landed his rope punches then some Singapore cane shots of his own, followed by White Noise for two. Sheamus readied for a Brogue Kick but Christian bailed. Sheamus pulled Christian into the apron. Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker off the steps then threw four chairs in the ring followed by the bass from the drum set that was set up on the outside. Christian caught Sheamus with a kick to the face then hit a splash off the top with a chair on Sheamus, but only got two. Christian grabbed the bass drum, but Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick threw the drum to pick up the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

Backstage Orton and Batista were asking Brad Maddox where Stephanie and HHH were. They left. Orton said to Batista they should put aside their differences to take care of Bryan. Batista just walked away.

Alexander Rusev and Lana did another promo.

The Wyatts appeared on screen interrupting a Hulk Hogan recap. Bray said Cena is like Hogan, two men so self-absorbed that they refuse to let it go. Bray said challenging him was the most foolish thing Cena could do. Bray accepted and said Cena is the one who has everything to lose.

Daniel Bryan Stands Tall. Wait What?

Main event time. Orton and Bryan started with Bryan tossing Orton to the outside and hitting a dive into a very early commercial. Back from break Orton caught Bryan with a kick to the gut then tagged in Batista. Batista landed some shoulders to the gut. Batista landed some more punches then tagged in Orton. Orton and Bryan exchanged punches and headbutts before Orton hit a powerslam for two. Batista came back in and hit a suplex. Batista tossed Bryan into the corner but Bryan caught him with a boot, but Batista came back with a clothesline. Orton hit a headbutt but missed a knee drop. Bryan tagged in Big Show. He hit a sidewalk slam on Batista. Orton tried distracting Big Show and he dropped Big Show on the ropes and Batista hit a chop block. Batista went for a Batista Bomb but Show hit a backdrop.

Both men made tags as Bryan hit a clothesline and knocked Batista off the apron. Bryan hit his chest kicks followed by a kick to the head for two. Bryan went to the top but he missed his headbutt. Bryan reversed a roll up into the YES Lock but Batista broke it up. Big Show caught Batista with a boot but Orton hit Show with the RKO. Batista went to Spear Bryan but Bryan moved and Speared Orton. Bryan hit the running knee on Batista, but Orton moved out of the way of one. Orton hit his middle rope DDT. Bryan countered the RKO with a backslide for two. Bryan ducked a clothesline then hit the Running Knee on Orton to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Daniel Bryan and Big Show


Occupy RAW: I like seeing new things done on RAW and that was a smart way for Daniel Bryan to get everything that he wanted. I didn’t think that the WWE would go all the way with Bryan being put in the Title match but kudos to them for doing it. It may not have happened the way Daniel Bryan fans wanted it to happen, but the WWE did the right thing here. They couldn’t do Batista vs Orton in a singles match and now it looks like they won’t. Triple H and Steph both played their parts well in all of this.

The Shield vs Rhodes Brothers: As I said above, is it wrong that I don’t want The Shield to break up?Another one of those scenarios where a brief face fun would be nice and just when you think everything is good, a turn happens. These two teams had another good match. Wasn’t as good as Battleground, but of course that had a good story built in. The Shield continue their run of good matches.

Sheamus vs Christian: Last week may have been a bit of a bore but this was a fun brawl tonight. I still don’t know how these two would fight again at Mania. But they made a good use of the weapons that were given to them and the finishing spot was nicely done.

Paul Heyman/Undertaker Promo: A minor plus. But I like what they did here with Heyman warning The Undertaker of what is in store for him.


Cena On Wyatts: A minor miss. I didn’t like Cena not really taking Bray seriously and making a corny joke at him, followed by the singing. At least Bray followed up with singing of his own in his promo.

Big E’s Use: I’m to believe the WWE sees Big E as a future star in the company. But he is being used as a second fiddle to the break-up of the Real Americans. And that is once again de-valuing the Intercontinental Title. It could be a little better for Big E and I fear the fans will lose interest in him quickly.

I really liked this RAW. A couple of solid matches and a unique moment with Daniel Bryan and the OccupyRAW Movement. The show pretty much set the big matches for Wrestlemania and now we can start to fill out the rest of the card. I’m giving the show an 8.

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