Can John Cena/Bray Wyatt Become What Hulk Hogan/The Undertaker Never Did?

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In 1991 Hulk Hogan dominated professional wrestling in the WWE along side a roster stacked to the rough of Madison Square Garden with talent. The day the Undertaker was brought into the WWE the days of the Immortal Hulk Hogan began to grow dark. Their feud heading into Survivor Series in ’91 the promo exchanges between Hogan and Undertaker’s mouth pieces, Ric Flair and Paul Bearer are hammered into pro wrestling history forever. Unfortunately for everyone involved, mostly the WWE who missed out on making a large amount of money, the feud was short lived and only revisited briefly in 2002. Twelve years later the Hogan of the modern era, John Cena, has found himself a protagonist that not only can match the dark, evilness of the Undertaker but can back up it with some of the best promos in wrestling in quite some time in Bray Wyatt. Will history repeat itself or will the WWE strike it rich with Cena one more time?

Bray Wyatt was 100 percent accurate with his promo, maybe the best to date, this past week on Raw; time is definitely on his side. The WWE has been in a transitional period the past few years but the light at the end of the tunnel is growing every day. Without getting into writing out a list of names the WWE has a good crop of guys heading into the WWE Network Era. Wyatt has every ability to be the leader of the bad guy regime and his first task is to shine at Wrestlemania 30. Bray is over with every smark fan out there and his stock within the WWE growing can’t be denied the way he and his family has been booked since their debut but if Triple H, Vince and Stephanie McMahon decide to put Wyatt over Cena at Mania, my money is on yes especially with John’s health, then by the time Wrestlemania 31 comes around Wyatt’s name may have a much bigger font size on the marquee.

John Cena’s legacy is already cemented into not only the WWE’s history books but in the history of planet Earth as well. Cena has been there and done that but unlike Hogan who came before him, John has never or will more than likely will ever leave the WWE and he has no problem doing what is best for business. Being booked in a program with John Cena is just as important or maybe even more important than any other position on the card and John knows that. As the days pass Cena becomes more and more banged up. Time isn’t on John’s side and I’m sure he knows that. If Bray is going to be a major player in the WWE for years to come a win over John Cena is a must at the grandest stage of them all, but the story doesn’t have to end there. Cena can take some much needed time off after Mania while Wyatt’s stock rises even more. Once Super Cena is fully charged or as full as the WWE can wait around for, bring Cena back seeking revenge on the number one bad guy in pro wrestling and just watch the fans eat it all up.

My next column out this weekend (hopefully) will be ’10 Things I Want to See by the End of 2014′.

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