10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 3.14.14 (w/Justin C)

SD 3.14.14


1. Wait, did someone tell HHH that it isn’t Monday? Opening Smackdown with a promo? Maybe daylight savings time has thrown off Hunter.

2. Part of me wants to think that HHH is just playing the delusional heel when he says that he was protecting Daniel Bryan for his own good. But part of me also thinks that HHH really thinks he did Daniel Bryan good to not let him get to the top. And I’m actually surprised he said he would “bury” Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

3. Everyone will look back on the fall of Dolph Ziggler as one of the biggest mis-uses in wrestling history. But Damien Sandow still amazes me to this day. He wins the Money in the Bank match, loses, and then is never thought of ever again. At least Jack Swagger had a short run and saw the main event again, but Sandow is barely on TV anymore. And when he does he is a complete jobber. I just can’t believe how bad it has gotten for him.

4. I personally find it funny to hear Bad News Barrett talking about The Undertaker’s Streak ending at Wrestlemania, because at the height of the Nexus angle I thought Barrett could have been someone who ended The Streak. Now? Barrett is just another wasted talent.

5. So, how long until Cesaro becomes the new posterboy of Internet fans and Daniel Bryan becomes a thing of the past? I don’t think it will happen that drastically, but I could see Cesaro gaining a lot of support as the year goes on.

6. I’m glad that it looks like the WWE decided to hold off on The Shield break-up for the time being. I feared that if they broke them up now, they would get lost in the shuffle by later in the year. Now they can work as faces for a bit, have some fresh match-ups, then break up in the late summer. That allows Roman Reigns more time to develop, and presumably become the favorite to win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania next year.

7. The Bellas have been improving in the ring. I know a lot of fans won’t care, but they are slowly getting better.

8. You have to think Alberto del Rio has let it be known that he won’t be re-signing once his contract is up. I mean, why else would you treat the guy like this unless he’s not going to be around anytime soon? While a lot of it has been the WWE booking Del Rio in no-win situations, it is also his own fault for not changing at all as a character during his career.

9. I like Renee Young’s post match interviews. Getting instant reaction for some things is better than no follow up at all. Plus, Renee Young is gorgeous and the more I see her on TV the better.

10. You would have to assume The Shield will get some kind of six man tag at Wrestlemania. Kane will definitely be an opponent. My guess is that he will be joined by Erik Rowan and Luke Harper, because there really is no one else.

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Justin C

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