From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: Total Divas Season 2 Episode 2

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Episode 2 of Total Divas. Will Brie and Bryan get the underwear blanket? Will Eva Marie ever talk to her family again? Will Nattie end up in AA? And the big question…Will Cena purpose to Nikki on the pier?! Lol as if. Well here we go again!

– So basically John Cena flew cross-country to say he hasn’t really changed his position but he wants Nikki back and she goes. Well… glad she held firm.

– I think Eva Marie gets far more slack for being awful than she does for not wrestling on the indies.


– Brie has never been on Cena’s bus?! That seems a bit weird. And only Nikki can find a way to make a bus tour awkward.

– I love that Bryan thinks a tour bus will ruin the environment. Oh great and now on top of that he gets to spend lots of time with a bunch of women he doesn’t really want to know. That sounds super restful.

– Nattie has a very good point about the WWE. Just because you’re on top today doesn’t mean you will be there the next night. Has Eva Marie seen an episode of Raw yet? They don’t stand behind anyone for very long!

– Wow I remember the match between Nikki & AJ but I didn’t realize she got her tooth knocked out so she played that off fairly well. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have pulled that off; tooth pain sucks! She is lucky that tooth was pretty far back, no one can see it missing.

– Bryan’s rules are logical but no one will be left on that bus! Thought it was surprising that Bryan is enjoying the gossip more than Brie. I’m not sure why Summer Rae thinks it is smart to bait a bunch of wrestlers in an enclosed space… Oh and Bryan is definitely sold on this bus! Let’s buy it!

– Well, don’t get Cameron mad or she will try to ruin your career. Tyson Kidd is so right. Girls do not get along well. I’m woman enough to admit it, women need space between seeing each other or otherwise bad stuff happens.

– Brie is looking forward to payback because she is sick of hearing her sister complain about her missing tooth and how ugly she is now.

– I’m not justifying Cameron’s actions but how did Eva think those pictures would never surface? That’s probably how she became a Diva. Hell, she wouldn’t be the first.

– I’m pretty sure Fandango approached Eva about her pictures because of her making him look like an idiot on stage last season when she said she had ballroom dancing experience & didn’t. Payback’s a bitch.

– I can understand why Eva doesn’t like those pictures surfacing but you can’t tell me her Maxim shoots are much different from those.

– Well there you have it. Tune in next week for more petty drama that makes you happy you’re out of middle school.