10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 4.18.14 (w/Justin C)

SD 4-18

1. Well, we get the match we wanted at Extreme Rules. Somewhat. The Shield vs Evolution will definitely be a good match. If it wasn’t so close to the Elimination Chamber PPV, they could easily make this a War Games Match inside the Elimination Chamber. Some people will complain because it looks like Daniel Bryan won’t be booked in the main event. For all we know, Bryan and Kane could both be added to the match on RAW. But even if we get Daniel Bryan vs Kane at Extreme Rules, it’s only a one month thing. Because you can bet Orton and Batista will be back after the Title after Extreme Rules.

2. Instead of losing like he has been in recent weeks, Intercontinental Champion Big E wins via an awkward DQ finish. Over Alberto del Rio, who has been made to look like a Chump in recent weeks. Keep booking those mid-card Titles strong WWE!

3. Anyone know how I can get Paul Heyman to follow me around and cut promos on people all day?

4. Paige is going to get that scorpion crosslock over as a finisher. And I’m glad Tamina is the first one to go after the Divas Title. She’s probably the next best option after AJ since she is taking some time off. I just hope the crowd stays behind Paige. The last thing we need is stupid fan chants during her matches. Which would cause the WWE to stop her push and then those same fans who were chanting to bitch about it online. (I just needed to get my weekly rant on dumb, stupid fan chants off my chest.)

5. The WWE actually acknowledging something that happened three weeks ago in reference to the Sheamus/Batista match later tonight? That’s surprising.

6. I’ve seen much worse matches recently than El Torrito vs Hornswoggle. Credit to those two for putting out a solid five minute match there.

7. I know there are some people who don’t like Alexander Rusev. Except those people are using the typical “just another big guy that Vince likes” argument. But in the limited amount of time we’ve seen Rusev, he’s shown that he is a bit more mobile than your typical big man. He’s still got some room for improvement, but he is far from terrible in the ring. Lana adds a lot to his act too. I’ll be curious to see who his first real feud is with.

8. I’ve always been an advocate for mid-card feuds, but for the love of god, PLEASE END THE SANTINO/FANDANGO FEUD!!! Emma needs to be distanced from Santino as much as possible and start a feud with Paige.

9. If done right Batista/Sheamus could have been a rather big program. But the WWE screwed up both of these guys pushes so that is out of the question.

10. So Sheamus, a guy the WWE goes out of the way to protect and rarely if ever loses clean, loses clean to Batista. I just don’t get that one. You make Batista look strong at the expense of Sheamus? Sorry I don’t like that at all. The match was okay but I was expecting some kind of screwy finish, which is typical for matches like this on TV. I guess I’ll have to see if this plays out into anything else in the future. But this has me scratching my head.

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