10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 4.25.14 (w/Justin C)

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1. A Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman debate. If this was the entire two hours of Smackdown I would not complain one bit.

2. Cesaro vs Swagger goes from being a possible PPV match to looking like it is settled on Smackdown. I don’t get that. Even though I think they are both heels, the crowd would obviously be behind Cesaro during the match. There wouldn’t be anything to worry about. And the two had a good match here. Swagger is underrated at a worker. I really wonder where he would have ended up if it wasn’t for his DUI arrest before Wrestlemania last year.

3. No words needed…

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4. The announcers shouldn’t be the ones plugging the WWE Network. Because when I go to the WWE Network and watch older shows, I’m reminded of how great the announcers in the WWE used to be. Whether it was Ross/Lawler, Monsoon/Heenan or McMahon/Heenan/Savage, they were still much better than today’s crew is.

5. See, Jey Uso vs Curtis Axel is a match that I would like to see have more time. Again, watching the WWE Network, they used to have more matches like that and they were good. Now, the WWE doesn’t do that. And part of it is the fan’s fault. If they aren’t stars in the ring, the fans tune out and start chanting stupid stuff.

6. I’m going to be really interested to see how Bo Dallas character comes off to the main WWE audience. I liked what he did in NXT, and I hope that the WWE fans take to it as well. Is he a main eventer? No probably not. But I think this gimmick has the potential to be an upper mid card act.

7. What isn’t there to like about Bray Wyatt promos? Everything from his words to his mannerisms while delivering them are perfect. I’m still standing by Bray winning the Title at some point this summer. Where else can he go?

8. Sorry WWE, but you are a couple of months late on the Cody Rhodes/Goldust split. Now there act has grown stale and the break up won’t seem as big a deal. If it happened in the build to Wrestlemania, while they were still over, it would have meant more.

9. It’s a two hour show. Does the WWE really need to show two recaps of something that happened on RAW?

10. I know there were some people who thought The Shield looked weak after the last couple RAWs (which I don’t agree with). Well, this probably shut them up. Here, The Shield looked as strong as ever. They out smarted the heels every step of the way on Smackdown. I’m so glad they didn’t break up The Shield and kept them together as faces.