My Thoughts: WWE 5.6.14 (Daniel Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatt Family, Evolution)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header

{Ed. Note: If you didn’t catch my Extreme Rules comments during the show on Twitter (@MattHarrak), I thought it was a decent WrestleMania followup with strong showings in the Evolution/Shield match and a nice start to Daniel Bryan’s title run. I’m interested to see where these stories begin to change now that WrestleMania season is a distant memory.} 

#1 – I’ve enjoyed this mini-storyline of The Authority trying desperately to get the United States Championship off of Dean Ambrose. It makes perfect sense and plays into the idea that Ambrose HAS to defend the title now that he’s not on The Authority’s good side. Sure it would have been cool to see him hold the gold for a full year but in all honestly, it wasn’t like it was a memorable run.

#2 – I know a lot of people love Paul Heyman and believe he can do no wrong and this MAY all be playing into a future storyline but Heyman needs to drop “The Streak” gimmick before each Cesaro introduction. If the idea is for Cesaro to get sick of these promos at some point and turn on Heyman, then this all makes sense. If this is just to get cheap heat because crowds love Cesaro, then they have to try a different path.

#3 – Ummm, why are Los Matadores celebrating Cinco De Mayo. They’re supposed to be Spanish and are celebrating Mexican Independence Day…?

#4 – As an amazing of an athlete Alexander Rusev is, Lana will probably be the one with lasting ability. I’m sure she’ll “lose” the accent at some point and those curves will definitely make up for it.

#5 – With this recent ground swell, this is the most over Wade Barrett’s been since the early days of Nexus. The “Bad News” gimmick definitely capitalized on the “so bad, it’s good” idea and I’m curious to see how long it lasts. Especially since the WWE audience tends to sour on Barrett fairly quickly.

#6 – OK, so my 3-year-old (who doesn’t speak), shouted out “Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud!” a split second after Adam Rose said it and has been running around the room singing his theme music for the last 20 minutes. This is the first time he’s EVER seen Adam Rose or heard anything from him… Wow. Oh, did I mention we have our own Adam Rose t-shirt available on Redbubble right here:

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#7 – Remember when a stare-down between The Wyatt Family and The Shield drove the memory of CM Punk from everyone’s mind and almost blew the roof off the arena? I’m not saying this was a bad match by any means but now it feels like almost any other 6-man tag match with the same spots and without the spontaneity that it possessed only months ago. Looks like we’re getting Evolution versus The Shield at Payback and while I didn’t have high hopes for their last match, maybe Payback will even top their effort at Extreme Rules.