10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 5.9.14 (w/Justin C)

smackdown 5.9.14

Let me point out these are my IN PERSON thoughts, as I attended the show.

1. First let me say that the piped in sound noise is just bad. I mean there were times when the crowd wasn’t fully into some matches, but it is just ridiculous when you compare it from being there and then watching it on TV. Some times it isn’t even close. Of course, the dumb fans that chanted CM Punk during the Seth Rollins/Batista match were edited out. That gives me a chance to vent about this. Look, I want CM Punk back as much as the next guy. But new guys are getting a push since he left. And he left on his own, he wasn’t forced out. If he was fired it would be one thing. But it was PUNK’S CHOICE to leave. He will come back if he wants, but there is no reason to chant his name. It shows dis-respect to other talent. Especially someone with the skills of Seth Rollins. End rant.

2. The Sheamus/Dean Ambrose match was definitely the match of the night. The problem was that the crowd really didn’t pick a side so live it probably came off a bit flat. A good match nonetheless. You can definitely tell that the WWE is planting the seeds for a Sheamus heel turn down the line. Honestly, it was something that should have been done a long time ago. He had potential initially as a face. But he’s now turned into a big bully who is somehow a face at the same time. Doesn’t make sense.

3. Could this be the resurgence of Wade Barrett that we are seeing right before our eyes? During the tag match, there is no doubt that he got the loudest reaction. Even more than Cesaro. I think you could make the argument that Barrett has jumped to the front of the line as a possible Money in the Bank winner. With presumably only one briefcase this year, the winner is getting a big vote of confidence. As far as winners I think you are looking at Barrett or Cesaro at the top of the list. And if Barrett can maintain this momentum, he could be the front runner.

4. And on the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Big E. He got NO reaction from the crowd. Nothing. Remember when he was talked about as a potential long term face of the WWE? Now it looks like they might turn a heel turn. RVD accidentally kicked Big E to end the match, but it could be the catalyst for something to happen down the line.

5. I’m pretty sure that the interactions between El Torito and Hornswoggle were getting better reactions than anything everyone involved in the mixed tag match. That just goes to show you how badly the WWE has already screwed up Emma. Why even have the bubbles for her entrance if she ignores them and doesn’t come out to her music. Better yet? WHY IS THIS FEUD STILL HAPPENING? Trust me, I can tell you it is dead.

6. Something I wanted to bring up from the Main Event taping: I’m really disappointed Adam Rose hasn’t gotten over more. The gimmick is different and fun, but the crowd doesn’t seem to know how to react to it. Hopefully Rose has a good first showing in the ring to help him out. But I was hoping for a better response.

7. Out of all three members of The Shield, Roman Reigns got the best reaction. So it looks like the WWE has done their job of making him look like a future star in the WWE. I still think all three guys will end up being big players in the future. But Reigns was the guy we weren’t quite sure of when he debuted. But the WWE has definitely built him up well and given him a proper move set that gets the crowd behind him.

8. You may not have thought it possible, but Lana is even hotter in person.

9. I have to agree with a sentiment that has been shared by other fans: The reactions for John Cena have been dying recently. I mean sure, the arena was half full compared to what it was the last time Cena was there (which was a sold out RAW). But even still, the crowd just didn’t seem as behind him during his promo or his match on Smackdown. I really think the entire crowd, even the anti-Cena crowd, just doesn’t care about him anymore.

10. Wrestling is always fun live. I have had friends who don’t watch as much as me come to these shows and they always have a fun time. The live experience is a blast. You get to interact (for the most part) with fun fans that are there to have a good time too. Of course, there are the uber hardcore smarks that just think they are the coolest. They suck. But live events are a blast.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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