From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: Total Divas Season 2 Episode 9

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Back for some more? Well now that they’re feuding over Nattie’s paintings on RAW, it makes this show extremely relevant right? Right? Anyway, recap: Nattie sucks at painting, Nikki & Brie fought and got over it, Eva Marie is so awful in the ring, even Summer Rae doesn’t want to team with her. And Trinity had her eye crushed in by Aksana. Good times. 

– It really is incredible that Trinity was able to finish the match, let alone pull off a split-legged moonsault.

– Awww Nattie, sandcastles? She’s so precious.

– Yes, Eva Marie. Hiding that you’re a recovering alcoholic at a bachelorette party in Cabo is a perfect place to be.

– Only Nikki would be able to pull off a secret marriage where she never lived with the guy, stopped talking to him and got an annulment YEARS LATER!

– Eva Marie coming forward and not relapsing took balls! With all of that peer pressure and being the new one in the group, that showed a lot of character (much more than I thought she had).

– Technically, Nikki never lied (unless you consider it a lie by omission). Either way, I don’t think this will help Nikki’s case for marriage with John.