8 Thoughts: WWE NXT 5.22.14 (Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville, Tyson Kidd, Adam Rose)

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{So I’ll be taking over NXT reports for the foreseeable future. This show & brand has been making waves for awhile now and with their second live special airing next week, there’s no better time to get these “10 Thoughts” up and running. – MJH}

#1 ~ Kicking the show off with Bo Dallas’ “Loser Leaves NXT” match was an interesting choice but I guess a logical choice. Hell, they’ve been advertising his main roster debut for a month so it was pretty obvious how this match was going to go. I’m interested to see how his character plays out on the main roster. (Side Note: Bo Dallas cut a fantastic promo after his loss. I highly recommend checking it out.)

#2 ~ The crowd just had a nice “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” sing-a-long going for a while and it had me thinking; throw away the fact that their brothers but how fun would it be to see the characters of Bo Dallas versus Bray Wyatt? A guy who preaches positivity constantly against a guy who believes the world needs change because it’s broken. That could be a fun feud on a lot of different levels.

#3 ~ What’s with “Michael Cole 2.0” that’s taken over play-by-play for NXT? The glasses, the cheesy smile and the grating voice. It’s all to scarily similar for my tastes. Renee Young and Alex Riley on commentary have a great dynamic though.

#4 ~ One of the greatest aspects of NXT is time & liberty the Divas get in their matches. Here’s a rematch between Paige and Tamina from Extreme Rules and they were given just as much time on this show as they were on the PPV and put on a very good match. And wait… there’s TWO Divas matches on one show! It’s incredible!

#5 ~ Adam Rose gave us a taste of what his new in-ring style will be but we really didn’t get much of a match. I read recently that Zack Ryder & Justin Gabriel have played Rose’s bunny recently. That has to be a hard pill to swallow, I just hope they don’t need to make the trip to NXT as well.

#6 ~ I can see some potential in Sasha Banks but not nearly enough for the press she’s received. Her persona is grating and not in the good “heel-ish” way. Sure she’s decent in the ring but it’s nothing new and nothing that isn’t currently on the roster (Alicia Fox).

#7 ~ I have to comment on Curt Hawkins’ ring gear and how awesome they are. I’m a huge Mets fan and these were made by a small NY Mets fan company named the 7 Line.

#8 ~ Good showcase match for the NXT champion heading into their big Takeover event, both in the ring and on the mic. I’m really looking forward to Kidd/Neville for the NXT title as they could very well have one of the matches of the year.


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