JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 6.2.14

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GreenTista Doesn’t Have The Same Ring To It

RAW started with Evolution coming to the ring. HHH talked about it being darkest just before the dawn. Triple H said they think they won and its over, but we don’t get it. HHH said he doesn’t lose, he wins, always. HHH said this isn’t over until The Shield no longer exists. And that happens tonight. Batista said he doesn’t want another match with The Shield, he wants the one-on-one Title match HHH promised him. HHH said there is a reason he is the boss, and there is a plan. Batista said he doesn’t care about The Shield. He won the Rumble and wants his one-on-one match. HHH said that Daniel Bryan is injured and he can’t, and even if he did Batista would probably choke it away anyways. HHH continued to stress there is a plan and the plan doesn’t end until The Shield is no more. And until then, no one is getting anything. Batista said that he understands, and that he quits. HHH flipped out and ordered Batista to come back. He ranted about his Hollywood career flopping and told him not to come back. HHH threw the mic down in disgust.

Finally Some Good Wrestling Back On RAW

It’s Bad News Barrett and Cesaro vs Sheamus and Rob Van Dam. Cesaro and Sheamus started. Sheamus knocked Cesaro down with a boot then hit a battering ram off the top for two. Cesaro recovered with a couple uppercuts then a gut wrench slam. Sheamus bounced back from the corner with a clothesline. Cesaro blocked the punches of Sheamus and dropped the arm of Sheamus on the ropes. Barrett came in but Sheamus blocked a hip toss and hit a clothesline. Rob Van Dam came in and caught Barrett with a spinning heel kick. RVD hit an elbow but Barrett caught RVD jumping off the second rope with a nasty forearm shot.

Back from break Barrett caught RVD with a boot. Cesaro came in and landed some uppercuts. He hit another gut wrench slam. Barrett came back in and hit a neckbreaker followed by an elbow off the second rope. RVD escaped a headlock but Barrett caught him with an elbow, sending him to the outside. Cesaro was tagged in and he tossed RVD into the barricade. Back in the ring RVD tried a comeback but ran into a Cesaro clothesline. Cesaro then knocked Sheamus off the apron. But RVD recovered and hit a spinning heel kick. Both men made tags. Sheamus clotheslined Barrett then hit a tilt-a-whirl backdrop on both Barrett and Cesaro. Sheamus went to Brogue Kick  Cesaro but Heyman pulled him out of the ring. Heyman and Cesaro bailed. RVD made the tag in, but Sheamus still hit the Brogue Kick then RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

WINNERS: Sheamus and Rob Van Dam

Damien Sandow came out saying he was Lance Stephenson. He said he would love to be preparing for a game right now but his season is over. He then said LeBron James is the best NBA player ever and gave a demonstration of his “skills.” Big Show came out. Sandow said how dare he come out and diss him because he has mad skills. Sandow dared Big Show to get the rock past him. Show threw the ball into Sandow then hit the KO Punch, an obvious flagrant two foul. Show then dunked the ball in the hoop in the ring.

Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston. Before the match Bo said the Heat won because they BO-Lieved. Bo hit a shoulder tackle then ran out of the ring saying he was winning. Kofi came back with an elbow and dropkick sending Bo to the outside. Kofi hit a spinning heel kick but Bo countered with a swinging neckbreaker followed by a back body drop and a couple of knee drops. Kofi countered with a dropkick off the second rope followed by a crossbody for two. Kofi went to the corner but Bo dropped him on the ropes, then hit the running Bo-Dog for the win.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

Renee Young was backstage trying to talk to HHH. Steph came out and said Evolution was busy, but she was going to the ring to make an announcement regarding the WWE Championship.

John Cena: 14 Time Champion. Let That Sink In

Steph came out. She said last night Daniel Bryan showed what kind of man he really is for not surrendering his WWE Championship. He said his wife Brie fell on her sword for him instead of giving the fans a fighting Champion. She said instead she got a slap in the face. But she will live. Steph said in four weeks time if Daniel Bryan can compete he will be defending the Title against Kane in a Stretcher Match. And if he can’t, the Money in the Bank match will be for the WWE Championship.

John Cena came out. Steph said that they like him as much as they like her. Steph congratulated him on his match last night. Cena said the situation with the WWE Championship has gotten way out of hand. Cena said he is here tonight as a WWE Champion, a 14 time Champion. Cena said no one is bigger than the WWE Championship, including a spoiled egotistical maniac like Stephanie McMahon. Cena said he gets Steph doesn’t like Daniel Bryan. But he is good. Cena said at the end of the day it is about proving yourself in the ring. And everyday Bryan proves he is worthy of being a Champion. Steph said Bryan is good, but he’s B+. He isn’t a Champion like John and he hasn’t defended the Title in over 30 days. Cena said he has had surgeries that have put him out of action, just like Steph has had surgeries. Cena said she is wasting the WWE Universe’s time and made a fool of herself. Cena said on a scale of 1-10, Cena gives her a 0 and says she sucks. Steph said she is all about opportunities, and she will give him a chance to fight against Kane, right now. Steph said Payback is a bitch, and so is she.

Hope Zack Ryder Isn’t Around

The match started back from break with Kane in control, delivering a big boot. Kane landed a couple of kicks. Cena came back with a dropkick but Kane came right back with a sidewalk slam. Both men exchanged punches until Cena went into CENA MODE. Cena went for the AA but Kane escaped and landed an uppercut. Kane beatdown Cena in the corner and refused to break at five, so the ref called for the bell.

WINNER via DQ: John Cena

After the match Kane threw Cena into the steps. He went for a Tombstone on the steps but Cena countered and pushed Kane into the post. Cena then threw the steps into Kane.

Los Matadores quickly defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Slater was distracted when El Torito took of Hornswoggle’s afro wig.

Alicia Fox and Aksana defeated Nikki Bella in a Handicap Match.

Luke Harper and Erik Rowan stared at an empty rocking chair. He said The Usos must suffer for their misdeeds and that they now take up his (Bray’s) message.

Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger. Rose slapped Swagger in the ass a couple of times before Swagger landed a boot followed by a side slam. Rose fought back with a kick of his own. Rose ended up hitting the Party Foul for the win.

Bray Wyatt: Invisible Man

It’s the Usos vs Harper and Rowan. Rowan immediately went to work on the injured ribs of Jimmy Uso. Harper came in and did the same, but Jimmy came back with a crossbody. Jey came in and hit an elbow in the corner. Harper recovered and hit a dropkick. Jey fought out of a chinlock and went for a bodyslam but Rowan was too much for him. Harper came back in and landed a handful of shots. Rowan came back in and hit a bodyslam but missed an elbow. Jey escaped a backdrop and tagged in Jimmy. He landed a couple of kicks to the gut followed by a dropkick sending Rowan to the outside. Harper was also sent to the outside into commercial.

Back from break Rowan and Harper had control over Jimmy. Rowan landed some headbutts to the ribs of Jimmy, but Jimmy moved out of the way of a Rowan charge in the corner and hit a corkscrew off the top. Jey got the tag and he went to work on Harper, catching him with a kick to the head followed by two butt splashes. Jey went for a roll-up but Harper escaped and hit a boot for two. Jey countered and hit a missile dropkick followed by a Samoan Drop. Jey went to the top and hit a splash on Rowan to the outside. Harper then hit a dive through the ropes followed by Jimmy hitting one over the ropes. Back in the ring Jey went for a splash off the top but Harper got his knees up. Harper went for his clothesline but Jey caught him with a superkick but only scored a two count. Rowan tagged in and he blocked a kick from Jey and followed it with a Rock Bottom like finisher for the win.

WINNERS: Luke Harper and Erik Rowan

Remember When We Thought Money in the Bank Would Propel These Guys’ Careers?

It’s Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto del Rio in a MITB Qualifying Match. Ziggler started strong with his ten elbows. Del Rio fought back with a hard kick to the chest then went to work on the arm. Ziggler fought out of an armbar then countered the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and landed a dropkick. Ziggler then hit a crossbody followed by a splash in the corner. Ziggler countered a backdrop and hit the Fameasser for two. Del Rio then pushed Ziggler away and connected on the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio went to the top but Ziggler met him up there and hit a facebuster for two. Ziggler went for the ZigZag but Del Rio blocked it. Del Rio then blocked a DDT attempt and applied the cross armbreaker. Ziggler tapped.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

Cody Rhodes search for a new partner for Goldust started with Sin Cara. Rybaxel dominated the first five minutes of the match before Goldust tagged in Sin Cara. But Sin Cara ended up missing a swanton and Axel hit his neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Lana came out and talked about her usual anti-USA pro-Russia stuff. Rusev came out and furiously waved the Russian flag again. Rusev stood on the podium for the Gold Star Medal. Rusev received the award and stood on the podium for the Anthem. Sadly, there was no giant flag with Rusev’s picture on it.

I Guess ALL Good Things Do Come To An End…

The Shield came out. Dean Ambrose said they feel great. He said last night they did a clean sweep of Evolution. And that is what they call domination. Rollins said they adapted while Evolution perished, and the whole world was a witness to their implosion. Rollins said Evolution weren’t a group, just three strangers standing on the same side of the ring. Reigns said they weren’t brothers like The Shield.

HHH and Orton came down. HHH said last night was Plan A. Tonight is Plan B. Suddenly, Seth Rollins took out Roman Reigns with a chair. Dean Ambrose then sold shock and was taken out as well. Rollins hit the curb stomp on Ambrose into the chair. Rollins then handed the chair to Orton and he nailed Reigns multiple times with it. Orton then hit the RKO on Reigns on the chair.


Seth Rollins Heel Turn: I didn’t know where to put this. Part of me wanted to put it on the Didn’t Like List because I just hate seeing The Shield broken up. But when you think about it, what was really left for The Shield? They really had no programs left.

The WWE needed to do something to shake things up and this definitely did it. Most people assumed it would be Ambrose, but Rollins deserves the rub after the improvements he has shown. The guy will be able to handle the spotlight. It definitely gets people talking. And is there a more hated man right now than Rollins? He took away something great that we had and will now have huge heat because of it.

One thing that is going to be key is the explanation. Especially after Payback. If the WWE follows that up well, then it will be off to the races.

Sheamus/Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett/Cesaro: Of course with these four talents in the ring you would expect some good action. I liked the end as well. It sets up tension between Cesaro and Bad News Barrett likely leading into the Money in the Bank ladder match. And it may even set up an IC Title Match down the line between those two. Solid action.

The Usos vs Erik Rowan/Luke Harper: This match started off kind of slow but picked up the pace in the last five minutes. The Usos are top notch workers along with Luke Harper. Rowan is progressing but still nowhere near the other three. With the Rowan/Harper win, this likely sets up a tag title match for them down the line, most likely at Money in the Bank. Hopefully it is even better than this match.

Stephanie McMahon/John Cena Segment: This gets added to the Like list mostly for the work of Stephanie McMahon. Steph is great in her role. She plays it perfectly. She works as a good foil for pretty much anyone she is paired against. She did well with Cena here. She even had a good comeback when Cena mentioned her boob job. I’m not a fan of Cena pandering for Bryan because it won’t work for Cena at all. But I liked this segment.


Dolph Ziggler/Alberto del Rio: I don’t want to sound like a smark here, but what is the point of adding Alberto del Rio to the Money in the Bank match? The guy has ZERO heat going for him. Plus his style doesn’t fit the match. At least put Ziggler in it and you will have the crowd invested in one of the competitors and he makes the match better. Del Rio does nothing for the match at all.

Rusev Medal Ceremony: When they announced this segment before the break I had hope for it. But then it just lead to nothing? I mean they could have had anyone come out there and it would have lead to a decent size pop. But the segment just happened and it really had no meaning. It was kind of a letdown.

I said before the show that the WWE needed to do something to get people talking tonight. And they did that. The follow-up is key. But there is no doubt they have a lot of faith in Rollins going forward. There was some good wrestling on the show, a huge storyline development and no Cena/Wyatt interaction. It isn’t all perfect. But I’m giving the show a 6.

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  1. I agree on some of things you mentioned. I dont know what to feel about the Seth Rollins turn. It could propel him into the next main event tier although I dont like that The Shield broke up. It wasnt like it was the Nexus group. The Shield could fight, constantly have great matches with anybody.

    Take a look at the placement of the Rusev segment. They gave him the 2nd to last segment. I think that means they have big plans for him. If not, why not put him in the earlier segments?

    Los Matadores/3MB will probably get worst feud of the year.

    And yes, Stephanie was great last night. Not only is she good looking in general but I think she’s really having a blast with storyline. She worked well with Cena although I think Cena sticking up for Bryan had more to do with Cena trying to get Bryan fans on his side. Like you mentioned above, that wont work. The Bryan fans could see right through Cena.


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