Seth Rollins Should Be The Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!

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The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, is recovering slower than expected from his neck surgery and in my humble opinion shouldn’t be rushed back. Bryan sitting out for the next few months won’t hurt the water downed product that Raw already is. The WWE shouldn’t hot shot the title over to the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena or even have Bryan drop the title to Kane at Money in the Bank even for the time being. There is one simple answer to giving Daniel the time he needs and giving the fans a working champion and who better than the biggest story in professional wrestling right now than Seth Rollins. Putting the biggest prize in the business on Rollins until Bryan is ready to return is what is best for business for many reasons.

If you had to pick the weak link in The Shield, which there isn’t, but Rollins may be the popular choice. Roman Reigns is rumored to be on the fast track to being a solo main event act, Dean Ambrose can be put into any situation once he goes solo and should succeed. Rollins, on the other hand, can work, but I feared he could fall back into the mid card; but with every rainy cloud there is a silver lining. Bryan going down may just be a pleasing in disguise to help evaluate Rollins to a level he may have not reached had Bryan never injured himself. Just as Bryan moved up the card when you know who took his ball and left, Rollins now has the chance to step up and claim not just a spot for now but put himself in the conversation for years to come.
The house show circuit is just as important as Raw and Smackdown, if the fans don’t attend money isn’t being made like it should. When the reigning champion is out injured for an extended period of time someone needs to step up and who better than the guy who turned his back on the most successful faction in the last twenty years? The WWE needs a new player and Seth needs to show his best hand.

Once Bryan is 100% ready the once fan favorite and his new friends will have driven us all crazy and Bryan can step in save the day. Seth Rollins against Daniel Bryan is easy money for everyone involved to make not to mention all the great matches Rollins could have with his former partners before Bryan is ready to compete again. In a world where nothing seems certain from day to day one thing is certain, Rollins becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is the smartest call right now to establish a new star coming out of a star studded faction. Honestly, would anyone really complain about Rollins against Bryan heading toward 2015?

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