10 Thoughts – WWE SmackDown 6.6.14 (Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Bo Dallas)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. This video package they did about the implosion of The Shield is heart wrenching. Seriously WWE it’s been a long time since you made me think about shedding tears while partaking in your product and this has me at least pretty mopey. I’m not going to grab the tissues just yet, but if Reigns or Ambrose talk about losing their smile on Monday I could get there. It’s a solid way to build into Triple H and Seth Rollins starting the show.

2. I’m still not 100% sold on this Shield break up right now, mostly because I just don’t see how someone who was a part of a group that dominated another group one night, decides to then leave and join up with the losing party the next (forgive me for seemingly agreeing with Michael Cole here, it won’t happen often). I understand the wrestling world is a tricky one, but in the old days a turn would happen during a match giving the bad guys an upper hand before they looked like losers. Seth doesn’t have an explanation to give to the fans or anyone else. He says it’s because he doesn’t owe us one – that’s a fun fancy way of saying the higher-ups haven’t figured it out just yet. Cole makes it even more apparent during the Ziggler/Rollins match when he says Trips didn’t seem to have much of an answer either when he was asked. Yikes. The crowd reaction was a good sign that Rollins can play up the heel even if he does have to keep getting better on the mic, I think, and I’ve still got a small inkling inside of me that thinks it’s all a ruse to trick the authority further. That’s no doubt totally false.

3. I really liked the Ziggler/Rollins match. It had two great wrestlers who got to put on a good clean match. What a reason to watch Smackdown! It’ll be fun to see if Seth Rollins gets some sort of identity soon – new ring gear, some music of his own – or if he’ll keep playing the role of Trips’ prize pony. I’ve got to say, having the boss follow you around telling people how good you are is the best kind of way to make everybody hate you so maybe I really should just get behind this heel turn full force.

4. I expected Big Show to bust out into his ugly cry at any moment during the confrontation backstage with Trips, Rollins and Orton. Maybe he was watching the video package from the beginning before he came out. I don’t know why Big Show gets involved with the Authority at all at this point. All it ever does is cause problems for him and his family. I’m not surprised they’ve thrown Orton into a match with him tonight – it feels like Big Show is always a guy they dig up for things like this. You’ve got to get him out of catering at some point I guess.

5. So you’re telling me they had Xavier Woods come out to wrestle Rusev, had him dress in patriotic gear, and they DID NOT get the rights to play James Brown’s “Living in America” for his entrance? This is the perfect time to just get it over with and tell us you’re following the storyline to Rocky IV, WWE. I’m perfectly fine with it. I’m sure we’re all fine with it. It’s Rocky IV! The second greatest boxing movie in existence! They didn’t even have an awkward confrontation where Xavier realizes he’s totally bitten off more than he can chew by getting in the ring with Rusev. You’re doing it wrong, WWE. You’re doing it wrong. Lana continues to be one of my favorite things going right now though. So there’s at least that.

6. RVD is a contender for the IC title because he lost to Wade Barrett at Payback. The second contender for the IC title is Cesaro because he lost an US Title match at Payback. These are just the only kinds of solutions I can come up with here, people. There has to be someone in the back who has won a match recently, right? I love Cesaro, and RVD doesn’t seem to mind being a part-time guy who gets paid to lose to non part-time guys, so I won’t complain too much, just you know – express thoughts. Heyman even took the time on commentary to say that Cesaro walked out on Barrett Monday because it provoked him to give him this title shot when in an earlier interview on this same show Barrett expressed his annoyance at having to defend against either of these guys. I just want to have the feeling that one person backstage knows what’s going on here. Barrett won so I look forward to seeing if we get this same outcome in the replay of this match we’ll get Monday Night.

7. I hate the “previously recorded statement” treatment from Bray Wyatt, but it’s Smackdown and they gave us a (former) member of The Shield already tonight so there was no way we were getting a Wyatt in person as well. I just can’t take Bray seriously right now. In order for that to happen I need people to win matches, not just get buried. I’m not saying Bray is lost completely – he’ll probably have an IC title shot in no time – but something interesting needs to happen next.

8. You know, I watched NXT Takeover and the Women’s division is alive and well. You may not know it from watching Raw and Smackdown and getting all the Total Divas, but it exists. Even here, Alicia Fox can actually give us decent matches but we get crazy I’m going to scream at you Alicia. I could even deal with a crazy Alicia gimmick if it meant decent wrestling was also involved somewhere. I’m surprised they didn’t have Natalya cry here as well since that seems to be her gig. I guess they thought we could only deal with one female stereotype at a time.

9. I continue to be creeped out by Bo Dallas. He’s a weirdo. I guess it’s the good kind if he gives me the heebie jeebies. I do think it’s kind of ridiculous they can pretend that this is the first time Bo’s had a career in the big leagues when they didn’t even change his name from the time he was getting surprise wins over Wade Barrett. It doesn’t matter though. This is the gimmick that works for him. He just needs to get a good first feud.

10. The crowd all turning to stare at the entrance where The Shield would normally come from is pretty sad isn’t it? Ahh poor things. The main event was nothing to write home about, but it had Randy Orton and The Big Show so it wasn’t like I had my hopes particularly high. Having it end with an angry crowd seemingly giving it really loudly to Rollins was great though. I hope with all my wrestling hope that if his path for now is that of a heel, he can keep this momentum going. He was never The Shield guy I saw breaking out first, but I’m not disappointed he’s getting some sort of shot. We just have to all hope they won’t ruin it.

If you have thoughts of your own or think mine are just plain awful, feel free to let me know. I once learned from a smart robot that you can only enhance your brain with more input.