My Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.9.14 (The Shield, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro)

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#1~ While it absolutely blows that his current run has to end this way, by all reports, this may be the best thing for Daniel Bryan’s health in the long run. It’s actually amazing that he’s wrestled this long without having to have a more invasive surgery to repair his neck. And this is just rehab moving along slower than normal. His injury was one involving his nervous system and not his spine or bones in the neck like past injuries to Edge, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. I just hope that the rehab does start to take soon and Daniel Bryan is back on TV as soon as it’s safe to.

#2~ That was probably the best promo The Shield has ever had and it didn’t involve Seth Rollins speaking. Dean Ambrose was extremely focused and compelling with what he wants to do to Seth Rollins. His facial expressions and intensity were spot on & was exactly what this feud needed. Roman Reigns chimed in and was able to keep the storyline between The Shield, Triple H and Randy Orton going as well. If either of these men make it into the Money In The Bank Championship ladder match, there’s already the built-in feud between them and Orton to capitalize on.

#3~ Why is no one else asking what the hell is going on with Damien Sandow? First it was the “shoot” promo on the WWE App and now he has a different ridiculous character every week to job to someone. I’m guessing the WWE doesn’t have an end game for him since things like these never do. The state of Sandow’s career is rather hard to swallow as it feels like we’re watching a “future endeavor” happen before our eyes.

#4~ Imagine if they pulled the trigger and put the belts on Cesaro at Money In The Bank? That would be a HUGE story for the summer and a big boost for the WWE taking a chance on a new face on the top of the card. This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with my being in attendance for Raw the night after Money In The Bank…

#5~ So Cody Rhodes has found a partner for Goldust that will make him shine brighter than ever before? Oh God it’s going to be Bo Dallas and it’s going to work and be awesome. Boy that’s going to be weird for Goldust. He’s teamed with Dallas’ father and won tag team gold with Dallas’ uncle. If that doesn’t make you feel old, I don’t know what will.

#6~ I guess the part of Daniel Bryan in the Bryan/Stephanie McMahon feud will now be played by John Cena… If Cena’s able to play the anti-authority figure of “Cena circa ’02”, it might work considering how much the audience hates The Authority. If he plays the anti-authority figure of “Cena circa ’11” when CM Punk was on top as well, this will fail horribly and we’re looking toward a very anti-climatic summer.

#7~ Well that was about as anti-climatic of a main event that Raw has seen in a while. Everyone in the match seemed to be taking the night off and while I don’t blame Cena one bit since he was essentially competing with one eye, what’s the excuse for the other 5 guys? I don’t know if it was over-exposure since both groups were on the show pretty much all night or that they all needed a week off but after the big angle that closed out last week’s Raw, The Shield would have made out better with just having the 3MB beat down and promo without the lackluster main event. Either way the story of the night should have been the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but without Randy Orton in the building and them not really knowing what’s happening over the next couple of weeks, I can see why the show was written for their “fall back” program of The Shield versus Triple H & Seth Rollins. Hopefully next week delivers something a little more entertaining.


One thought on “My Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.9.14 (The Shield, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro)

  1. I don’t know who Sandow pissed off? Its too bad that the WWE doesn’t value tag teams more because they need some more. I am not looking forward to Cena/Steph if that happens. I’ll be rooting for Stephanie. Cena is not good in the role because he’ll probably be goofy Cena half the time anyway.

    Btw, do you know for a fact that Bo Dallas is Goldy’s mystery partner next week? I can’t see that happening right now because Dallas still needs time to develop a bit. He just got on the main roster. Hell, let it be Ziggler. Give him something to do. I’d actually reunite Team Roades Schloars and have them feud with Goldust and whoever.

    I’m still a little confused on the Rollins turn. I mean wouldn’t you break up what you created BEFORE you wrestled your ass off for 30 mins. up against the guys that your now with? Thats just me.


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