10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 6.13.14

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. I would like to watch Dean Ambrose promos all day. I have actually spent a good chunk of certain days watching old Jon Moxley promos and FCW promos just so I could be prepared for when something made Ambrose just crazy enough to give us golden moments. He was better on Raw, but I mean you wouldn’t give your best on the B show either, so it’s to be expected. He’s just believable when he talks – you can see in his eyes how intense he is and I appreciate that as a fan. I think it’s probably because he might legitimately be out of his mind outside the WWE, but if so he’s managed to harness it well in his chosen profession. Roman Reigns has gotten better on the mic, but has barely bitched about Rollins at all in these in-ring promos. Was he not as attached as Ambrose was? He just keeps talking about how he’s going to beat up Randy Orton and Triple H. I appreciate that you didn’t forget you had a problem with them, but remember when Seth hit you with a steel chair effectively earning himself a nice spot on the great heel turns list? I guess he’s just leaving that problem to Dean. If it gives me a Rollins/Ambrose match and MiTB I’m fine with it.

2. Roman Reigns did actually just win a match at Payback and then on Raw, so this would be a great time to have a title match with Wade Barrett. There is no outcome which is typical. I doubt it was even a real title match, but then again that never mattered did it? I love Barrett and I like Reigns a lot so the match was fine. I just wish they’d figure out if they’re ever going to actually move forward with anything for Wade Barrett outside the midcard. My guess: absolutely not. He’ll drop the title soon and fall back into sad obscurity until he comes back with another gimmick.

3. I’m excited to see a 3MB appearance here even if 2 out of 3 of them don’t work for the company anymore. I understand that 3MB was never going to be anything other than a group of jobbers, but I think they missed the boat on Drew McIntyre. I know he had a great “Chosen One” gimmick a few years ago and things got weird when there was an incident with he and his wife, but burying him was the wrong route. He’s an agile big guy who I really think could have been a player for awhile. Ah well, I think that about a lot of guys I guess.

4. Well an Uso and Erick Rowan had a match. Jey Uso, so not the Total Divas guy. I don’t particularly find Rowan on his own very interesting to watch. I feel kind of the same way about the Usos which is why both these guys are more entertaining in tag matches. It didn’t last too long, so that’s a happy coincidence. I do think Harper is an intriguing wrestler who can do things I’m not used to big guys doing, but the rest of them have to follow the life lesson of Teddy Long and stick to tag matches. (I’ll miss you Teddy)

5. I just want to be very clear that there are few wrestlers I dislike more than R Truth, but this might be the most entertaining he’s ever been because I love how Bo Dallas responded to him in the ring getting into his music. Most people I’ve talked to are not down with Bo, but he’s growing on me more and more. He’s so awkward and creepy. Oh god, I Bolieve. You did this to me WWE. You gave him R Truth and I was forced to like Bo a million times more. I don’t however like his finisher. I like it as a cool move, but it doesn’t seem devastating enough. That actually goes for most of his move set, so we’ll see if the gimmick can tide me over long enough to also get into his wrestling.

6. I used to be a fan of Sheamus, but that has all changed a lot in the past year or two. He’s turned into a new John Cena. A guy who rarely loses and seems to be able to take any punishment his opponent dishes out with few consequences to his momentum. Sheana. What a lame name I just made up. I’m keeping it. Sheana. Cesaro wins but of course it’s a fishy win. I think it just makes him an even better heel. My disdain for Sheamus may keep growing, but so does my love for Cesaro. I think he’ll be a face by the end of the year, but I thought he would be when he left The Real Americans. My predictions are generally pretty inaccurate.

7. Well it seems they’ve found the perfect thing for Adam Rose to do to get him over – get involved in the middle of a Divas feud! I mean, I know he probably won’t be involved with this again but it’s enough to prove to me that they’ve got nothing for him right now. “We need to get Adam Rose on one of these shows this week! We didn’t bring him up for nothing did we?? I know! We’ve got no way to really get across to the people how behind we are this Summer Rae/Fandango/Layla triangle, so let’s have Summer Rae dress up as one of Rose’s entourage! That’ll make people think he’s cool!” Well, I still don’t think he’s that cool, and while I’m admittedly a wrestling fan so therefore kind of a nerd and not an expert on the coolest things around, if you’re involved in wrestling and uncool to a wrestling fan, that’s sort of the worst kind of low isn’t it? At least they realize the characters of Fandango and Adam Rose are kind of on the same plane at this point.

8. Why do we have to have really good Divas matches, and a decent Divas champion and then still have these cat fights that just make it seem like the ladies can’t wrestle and can only have cat fights? I don’t even think Summer Rae or Layla are bad ladies wrestlers, but this isn’t the way to prove it to anyone.

9. Zeb Colter having a problem with Big E because he waved around an American flag and showed American pride makes absolutely no sense to me. Zilch. It makes about as much sense as Lana coming out to mess with Big E when Rusev has already beaten him. WWE has a weird way of progressing people. Are they making Colter and Swagger face to take on The Russians? I can’t imagine a gimmick like that working well with Colter.

10. I don’t like the way this MiTB ladder match for the Championship is working out. I do think every guy in it so far is a decent wrestler, but the ladder match isn’t where they shine. In fact, I think Del Rio seems to make the most sense and there is just no way he’s walking out with the belt. I would love to be proven wrong and have Wyatt, Cesaro, Sheamus, Del Rio, Orton and whoever else ends up in this thing put on the match of the show but I doubt it’s happening. Wyatt beating Ambrose after interference from Seth Rollins does fill up my hope jar that they’re headed for a match at the “Special Event: Money in the Bank”, and I never thought they’d let Reigns or Ambrose in that match anyway. No idea who’s going to win the ladder match yet, though I figure Cena will get in and he or Orton will take it. I’ll just have dreams of it being Cesaro.

So there you go. Thoughts! This is only my second column and I’ll keep working on getting my thoughts a bit more organized, but if you’ve read and think I’m crazy or read and think I’m right on, thanks either way. If you want to drop off some input do so here, or you can find me tweeting nonsense that sometimes includes wrestling at @hm_pufnstuf on Twitter.