A Day at the Indies: Hollywood Championship Wrestling’s Red Carpet Rumble (Matt Hardy, AJ Styles, Trent Baretta, XPac, Colt Cabana, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’)

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My fiance and I spent the day in Port Hueneme, California (about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, directly on the beach) for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s second annual Red Carpet Rumble. It was my first time at a CWH event but with the stacked card I was anticipating the show for months.

MavTV Championship: Ryan Taylor (c) v. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan is an indy darling whom has spent time with TNA and has had numerous WWE tryout matches (check his twitter timeline to see how he feels about Bill DeMott) and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ryan Taylor and this match did not disappoint. The venue held about 200 people or so and mid way through ‘This is Awesome’ chants broke out. After a great finishing sequence Ryan picked up the win to recapture the MavTV Championship.

The RockNes Monsters v. Peter Avalon & Colt Cabana

A heel stable known as Vermin (think modern day NWO but with cheesy matching track jackets) consisting of the five more talented guys CWH have on the roster attacked Joey Ryan after his win (Ryan Taylor a member of Vermin) led Peter Avalon out to make the save prior to the start of the match. Avalon is a great worker with no fear in his eyes but he just needs to tone up to gain more notice. After Avalon and Cabana tried to make a last minute comeback Cabana was hit in the back of the head by one of the members of Vermin to help secure no titles were changing hands tonight. On a side note, if you haven’t yet go see and meet Colt Cabana; one hell of a guy.


Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Ricky Mandel (c) v. Matt Hardy

Ricky Mandel was the most polished talent CWH has but his gimmick is far too similar to what Tyler Breeze is doing down in NXT. (I’m sure if he ever gets signed by the WWE they would change it) For a guy that’s 39 and just wrestled in a TLC match the night before he put on a pretty good show. Mandel hit the referee into Hardy causing the cheap DQ loss.


Trent Baretta v. AJ Styles NJPW Champion

This match was worth the price of admission alone. Styles and Trent put on a wrestling clinic. I know it’s a personal choice but how on earth are both of these guys not on Raw or Smackdown? Numerous ‘This is Wrestling’ and ‘This is Awesome’ chants filled the venue as AJ finally overcame Trent.

30 Man Red Carpet Rumble

CWH’s second annual Red Carpet Rumble featured the roster of CWH along with special entrants including Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Rapper Stu Stone, Matt Striker and XPac who appeared to blow out his knee and or ACL during his elimination. (It wasn’t a work, the ‘X’ was thrown up and I was right by him when he said his knee is ‘fucked.’) Willie Mack eliminated Striker to win the Red Carpet Rumble to become the Number One Contender for the Hollywood Heritage Championship. Like most indy guys, if Mack can tone up a bit more he could easily draw the attention of the WWE/TNA if he hasn’t already.


If you are ever in Southern California check out Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, until next week, tell a friend, listen to the latest HTC Wrestling Pulsecast here or on iTunes, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and let’s talk rasslin!