10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 6.20.14 (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bo Dallas)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. I think that in recent weeks – maybe months…probably even recent years – it’s been made pretty clear that the people’s interest in John Cena is mixed at best. I’d say that someone like Roman Reigns has a pretty big fan base, one that seems to be growing week by week. I’d also say that the split of The Shield is the most interesting story that WWE has right now. Even if I’m wrong about that, I don’t think John Cena tops the interesting list. So why is it that we’re once again subjected to an opening segment with this former thug making lame attempts at humor? He’s even ruined Bluetista for me now. Why is there no mention of Roman Reigns, who Triple H banned from getting into the MitB ladder match, managing to sneak his way in, in the opening video package? I guess the answer would probably be that asking Reigns to open SmackDown and cut a promo where he inspires true fear into the hearts of his opponents while managing to still seem menacing and bad ass to his fans is impossible. But you know what WWE? That’s not our faults. It’s not our fault that you decided to take Dean Ambrose away from him. Don’t make us pay for your mistakes. At one point John Cena even says something about the comedy stopping. It stopped the minute you came out, John. I wish I could line more than one of you up and punch each one of the face.

2. I’m not a particularly big fan of big showdowns in the ring when there are matches with a whole bunch of guys because everyone just comes out and says the stupidest things they can. Case and point is Cena of course, but Sheamus just using every opportunity to use the word FELLA really annoys me as well. Roman Reigns coming out and talking in this segment proves that he has absolutely no place opening a show, I suppose. Yeesh. The sound guys must have missed Randy’s cue making the segment even more painful, saved only by the dulcet tones of Paul Heyman. See? These segments are stupid. Bray Wyatt didn’t even have to show up. Lucky.

3. Has it even been revealed who the mystery person shadows are? I always think they look like mystery Alex Riley’s, but is that really who they want me to think of? Here is my example.

4. I never expected to see the first Ambrose/Rollins feud here in the WWE with Ambrose as the face and Rollins as the heel, but I’ll certainly take it. In fact it’s everything I want. I do feel like they keep showing both guys tonight so they can keep playing their new music to get across to the people who The Shield aren’t really a thing anymore. Rollins’ music played when he came out earlier to wrestle Kofi, then Dean’s played when he interrupted by backstage promo (when does that ever happen?), then Seth’s again when he came out for commentary for Dean’s match with Kane, then Dean’s again when he came out, then Seth’s again when he took Dean out. We get it okay. You can settle down a little bit now. I’ll have to see how these work out. Yes, this is important to my wrestling experience. At least I didn’t give my thoughts on Rollins weird new latex ring gear.

5. Ziggler beats Barrett which should give him some momentum since, you know, Barrett is the IC Champion right now. It won’t though because while Barrett is awesome and Ziggler is awesome WWE just keeps building them up to kick them back down. You’re both just going to be hurt in the end, boys. I feel for you.

6. I will absolutely never in a million years believe that JBL went to the movies, or will be going to the movies, to see Think Like a Man Too. I also do not believe that the way to get his kind of ridiculous gimmick over is to put Adam Rose in a match with Titus O’Neil. Even beating Titus twice doesn’t make Rose seem like a formidable foe. What has Titus done lately except puke in a hat and have a non memorable heel turn? If you’re trying to get Rose over this isn’t the way.

7. Nothing about Swagger and Colter calling out Rusev and Lana and then fighting Big E makes sense to me so I’m going to just pretend it didn’t happen. Just like I’m going to pretend this segment with Fandango making out with Summer with Layla interrupting didn’t happen. I watch wrestling and not teen dramas for a reason.

8. I’m really annoyed that this Fandango love triangle is messing with my Bo time because he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite things to watch every week. If Summer Rae is the one who technically tried to steal Layla’s man and is running away from the much warranted attack by Layla, does that make Summer Rae the bad guy again? Everything that happens with the Divas is confusing. The only upside to this whole segment is Bo’s inspiring speech to Fandango after. He’s 8 and BO!!! Also, I think this is at least the second time a Bray Wyatt promo has cut into Bo’s celebration time. Is that a sign for the future?? Or just a fun easter egg WWE’s throwing in?

9. I really think that refs in wrestling in general need some serious training on how to handle matches with more than just two guys. In almost every single one they get fooled by a wrestler into leaving an opponent in a hostile corner while they spend time keeping the other wrestler from doing something illegal. Illegal things are still happening! You’d think they’d get together, watch some tapes and be like – shit – we fall for that EVERY TIME. They don’t. They do absolutely no research. Piss poor workers.

10. WWE really lets us know who they want us to care about don’t they? Orton and Cena get the televised entrances for this 4 on 3 handicap match. You can argue with me that Bray Wyatt did, but really they just did the cutaway and he was there ready to fight. I like to see the company going with its strengths. I think it’s actually made up for in the match when they wait as long as possible to get Reigns in there while the crowd goes NUTS wanting him. This is a really great way to put him over as the next big thing, and I’d say that this match did an alright job building up the ladder match but I’m sure the one they have on Monday will be even better. Roman Reigns pins Del Rio for the win which means one thing obviously – we get to hear his new version of The Shield music, making sure that the crowd watching and in the arena remembers that while he, Rollins and Ambrose are no longer a thing – he’s still the cool Shield guy.

So there it is! Thoughts on Smackdown. I don’t think anybody got to really show off too much in the main event though Cesaro’s upper cut was nice, but it always is. I’m excited to see Ambrose and Rollins in singles matches so that’s always nice, but more time and less Kane would be ideal. If you want to leave input, do so below or find me on twitter at @hm_pufnstuf. I’m trying to get into the groove of this and I’ve got to say – writing about it makes me enjoy Smackdown that much more.