10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 6.26.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. Starting Impact with the Knockouts shows that TNA has a lot of faith in their female performers. Maybe the WWE should try doing this. That way people might actually give a damn about the Divas Division.

2. So how many damn people does TNA have in charge? There’s Dixie Carter, then MVP as Director of Wrestling Opeations and now this guy who represents TNA’s Board of Directors? Either way, great promo by Bobby Roode. I’ve always liked the work of Roode and really wish he would have gotten a shot in the WWE. Hopefully Roode has a successful face run.

3. If there is one thing that the WWE needs to copy from TNA, I think it would be to find someone that could be Rockstar Spud for The Authority. Spud is just so great in his role.

4. C’mon Dixie, everyone watching this show knows that you don’t have $200,000 to offer Bully Ray.

5. Can TNA really keep this “Bully wanting to put Dixie through a table” thing going until Bound for Glory? You would think that is where it would happen. It isn’t something TNA should give away on free TV. Of course, TNA did just give away a Title change on TV days after having a PPV. So I guess anything can happen.

6. Could this James Storm/Mr. Anderson feud be any more meaningless? Anderson got the win at Slammiversary, and now Storm just got a very quick three minute win here. What is going on? Is there any effort at all being put into this feud?

7. It’s sad that TNA has to rely on an out-of-shape Tommy Dreamer to help sell their NYC shows and get people to care about their product. It just goes to show you how half-ass backward things are in TNA.

8. There is a time and place for a Monster’s Ball Match. But guess what? It isn’t on a throwaway show of Impact. And it isn’t something that should be crammed into a match that is less than ten minutes long. That basically makes every move meaningless because guys are selling less and less for every move.

9. Keeping Kurt Angle on TV as Director of Wrestling Operations is a good move. He can keep doing his thing on the mic while not having to wrestle in the ring. And lets face it, at this point in his career, the less wrestling Kurt Angle does, the better.

10. So Eric Young comes to the ring in the beginning of the show with his arm in a sling, then takes it off. What the hell was the point of doing it again later in the show? Obviously his arm isn’t hurt. D’oh.

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Justin C

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