10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 6.27.14

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. The opening promo with Triple H, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton was alright, but they’re teasing at dissension within these weird ranks not even a month into the storyline. I really don’t think they have any sort of plan for this, though I don’t know why I’m surprised. I assume eventually it will be Rollins that Triple H backs, Randy falling out of favor with his bestie Trips because he can’t get the job done while Rollins can. Orton really isn’t the best promo guy anymore unless he’s really feeling it – which he isn’t here – and Rollins still needs some mic work. The most exciting part is when Trips announces Bad News Barrett is coming out, and really it immediately bums me out because I know what is coming.

2. I like both Barrett and Dean Ambrose a lot, so it’s no surprise that I’d enjoy a match between the two. Ambrose is playing up the crazy well, and I’m really glad it’s going over with the fans because I was a bit worried people wouldn’t be into it. I have too little faith. I would have liked to see Cole or JBL actually sell that Dean used his finisher. They seemed so surprised he won the match with it, though Cole mentioned it by name after it was over. You have to sell these wrestlers, guys. That’s your job. This shouldn’t even be hard with a guy like Ambrose. Ambrose won this match so if Barrett comes back and actively defends his IC title you’d think Ambrose would get a shot coming up here.

3. Bad News Barrett getting injured in a weird Jack Swagger interruption at the end of Barrett/Ambrose match is a huge bummer. This is the second time that Wade’s been injured in the midst of a run that seemingly was leading to him taking home a Money in the Bank briefcase. The first was after his injury in 2012 where they actually put MiTB on hold reportedly because he was supposed to win and got injured and now this. The bad news for Wade Barrett may be that he has bad luck. I was really looking forward to him being in it, and was really hoping he was going to take the briefcase home. I just want this guy to get the success he deserves. I assume it was supposed to end with Ambrose and Rollins mixing it up the whole time, so it seems so wasted that Barrett had to get hurt to lead to that.

4. I cannot wait for the day that Cameron fades back into obscurity. However I really enjoy Naomi and am glad she’s getting an opportunity to be a little more relevant. The match with Cameron and Paige is forgettable, the commentary Naomi gives is pretty forgettable too – I just hope Naomi isn’t in the end.

5. Bray Wyatt is getting some pretty heavy boos in his match with Sheamus which surprises me some. I thought he was firmly in the we cheer for you eventhough you’re bad category. Whoa, hey The Usos are out here for some reason, now. I don’t think having people interfere during commercial breaks is smart, even if you do tell us to open the app a million times. I doubt most people are going to do it for that, alright Smackdown? You’re lucky we watch at all. We get a DQ ending and Luke Harper no selling a Brogue kick to end the match. You can’t get endings to matches when WWE can’t decide which guys to push.

6. I love Cody Rhodes. I am a long time fan who has supported almost all that he has done, but I do not know that I am behind this Stardust gimmick. I was never the biggest Goldust fan either, so that could be part of it. This isn’t the gimmick that’s going to get him further up the card. Though I really am not sure anything can do that for him at this point. I hope it doesn’t last too long, but even if it does I’m sure I’ll accept it and support him as I should do. I guess I just have to get a little bizarre myself.

7. Ahh the tag team match with four guys who have no chance of winning the title at MiTB. Cesaro and Del Rio take on RVD and Dolph Ziggler. These guys are all actually great wrestlers, so I suppose really we should be glad we get a tag match featuring all of them instead of not seeing them on TV at all. I don’t think we get all their best energy with a big match so close, but it’s a decent time filler. You can’t complain too much when you get Paul Heyman on commentary.

8. Lana is all I really care about when it comes to Rusev although his kicks do look pretty nice. It’s all he has though, so until we get more I’ll just keep marking for Lana. I don’t get how you’re supposed to make people understand you should be patriotic and boo Rusev when you put him in a match against Sin Cara. People wouldn’t care about him here even if he were billed from America. That’s almost as confusing to me as the voice Big E keeps using to cut promos on Rusev with.

9. This isn’t a Smackdown thought, but the recap happened on Smackdown so excuse me for a minute. The WWE is a worse place without Vickie Guerrero. As annoying as she was, it fit perfectly and she accepted her role as almost the BIGGEST HEEL at times during her career with the WWE. She owned it, while some would falter. I also met her one time and she remains legitimately one of the nicest people from wrestling I’ve met. Going out with the tribute to Eddie was perfect, and I hope that she really got the send off backstage she deserved as well.

10. I actually don’t think the WWE has done a terrible job building up to Money in the Bank with the past few Raws and Smackdowns, I just think Money in the Bank is (I know it’s aired by the time this is being read, but no spoilers for that here) shaping up to be an incredibly boring show. Roman Reigns clearing house and standing tall himself certainly does nothing for his chances. This close to the event you should be hoping you’re getting face planted into a ladder on the side shows. That’s the only way you look like you could eke out a win.

That’s it! That’s what I thought while watching Smackdown. I did not touch on my complete and utter disappointment in NO BO, but I guess I can’t have him all the time. I don’t think this show was particularly good, so I’m hoping for some fresh matches next week after MitB is done. I’m sure we won’t get them, but I can hope. If you have any thoughts of your own, or just think mine are without – let me know. Down below in the comment section or ye olde twitter.