10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 7.3.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014


1. I didn’t get the point of the opening segment with Samoa Joe. Joe has been so mis-used by TNA that it is kind of laughable. So Joe doesn’t trust anyone. Okay. Didn’t really get me interested in what might happen with him down the line. Just an odd segment.

2. So is the point of The Wolves to just go out on TV every week, face any tag team that TNA decides to put together, and win? There’s just no direction with the tag team division right now. The Wolves have definitely cooled down since their TNA debut. The tag division is heading toward mid-to-late 2000s WWE bad in TNA. It’s The Wolves and no one else, and it appears it is going to be that way for the time being.

3. That Bobby Roode/Kenny King “street fight” just looked like amateur hour. No need for any further explanation if you saw it. A half-assed brawl through the crowd that looked like something you would see if two guys started fighting at a concert.

4. I liked how that Brittany/Madison Rayne segment was done. You could see the heel turn coming once it all started, but it didn’t take away from the segment. TNA has two separate stories going on in their women’s division with actual storylines. The WWE has that, but their second one is presented like a high school drama show.

5. Rhino is back? Um okay. I guess TNA is just going to try and turn into ECW for their New York tapings. So I guess we will get a month’s worth of ECW tapings then back to TNA in the fall. And that will do more harm to their product again.

6. Holy crap is this Samuel Shaw stuff just bad. First of all, why is Gunner going to pick him up from the mental institute. Then we have this corny segment with those two plus Mr. Anderson and Christy Hemme. When I was watching bits and pieces of TNA before, I thought the Samuel Shaw character had a chance to be interesting. And they just completely botched that with everything that happened here. I don’t care if it’s just a ploy by Shaw. Their ruining his character with segments like these. (If it wasn’t ruined already.)

7. At least it looks like someone told Angelina Love to start eating. Because she was way too skinny when she first came back.

8. So all the titles, except the TNA Title, are on the line next week. I don’t like this idea of having Titles on the line every week. Most people know Title changes won’t happen every show. Plus it doesn’t make a Title defense seem that special when it does happen.

9. Poor MVP hobbled all the way out to the ring only to be tossed, along with Bobby Roode, within one minute of being out there. What was the point of that.

10. Bobby Lashley is trying to be built up in TNA like he was in the WWE. The problem is I don’t know if people will buy into Lashley in TNA as this dominant World Champ. They tried giving Eric Young an out here with an ankle injury but it seems like Young is done as Champ. But who’s next for Lashley to challenge?

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Justin C

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