The Fate of the WWE May Just Go Through Three Former Brothers (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns)

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Ever since John Cena and Randy Orton solidified themselves as not only future WWE Hall of Famers but as two guys the WWE can call on to fill those part time roles once the likes of Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and The Rock reach their late 50’s/60s. Since that moment the WWE has done everything in their power to do the complete opposite with their entire roster. Squeeze in a few drops of the occasional things they can’t control (Edge’s early retirement, CM Punk’s walk out & Daniel Bryan’s serious health condition) and the WWE and their stock holder’s (I’m not one by the way) should be very nervous for say, Wrestlemania 35. But watching Raw last night gave me hope. The three former members of the most dominant stable in pro wrestling in the last twenty years or so created three different, solo identities that fans can latch onto for years and years to come. The WWE is full of young(ish) talent but the success of Wrestlemanias, Raw, etc. etc. to come may just hang on the shoulders of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Let’s start with Seth Rollins. A few columns ago ( I wrote about separating Rollins from the group first and giving him the bigger push first would benefit Rollins much more than it would for Reigns or Ambrose and now that the WWE has Rollins must take the chance and really go with it. Seth has to separate himself from the rest of the mid card talent in this feud with Dean Ambrose and once he cashes in that briefcase. While the comparisons of Rollins to Jeff Hardy may be fair Rollins has a much high ceiling than Hardy ever did. Rollins doesn’t have the ‘indy wrestling look’, he’s fit, he isn’t an alcohol or drug risk so names like Edge come to mind when I think of the future of Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns, for the obvious reasons and current placement on the last two ppv cards, will continue to get the main event push and currently looks like he may be getting some high profile matches in the next several months. The sky is the limit  for Reigns, he learned how to be a professional wrestler by the WWE so he didn’t have to be ‘retaught’ when he signed to developmental, he has the look that screams WWE stereotypes and he has been poised his entire WWE run so far. Roman Reigns has the ability to do for the WWE what they thought Sheamus would provide and hasn’t  and what CM Punk provided but retired; take the ball from John Cena.

Last but certainly not least, Dean Ambrose. When Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose signed with the WWE I knew they had a piece of their future right then and now. Fast forward a few years and boom, Dean was not only in the most successful stable in professional wrestling of the, arguably, last twenty years and is currently involved in the second most important story line in the WWE right now. Ambrose has all the makeup to be the PG Era’s Roddy Pipper, Brian Pillman or dare I even say it; replace that CM Punk guy. Initially everyone assumed it would be Ambrose betraying his brothers in The Shield but Seth Rollins got the heel turn nod and Dean Ambrose became an instant babyface hit. As long as the WWE doesn’t find a way to screw this all up, Dean Ambrose can fill that void fans have been feening for since Stone Cold retired.

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