10 Thoughts: WWE 4th of July Smackdown 7.4.14 (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger, Bo Dallas)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

The 4th of July episode of Smackdown. AMERICA. I expect some wonderful patriotism.

1. I enjoy the beginning of this episode celebrating and giving the freedom to the WWE’s young generation of wrestlers to run this whole damn show. Let freedom ring! Also, let Seth keep working on his promo work. It’s getting better, but then you put Ambrose out here and he’s obviously going to crush it. I love crazy Dean Ambrose. I have a habit of watching old crazy Macho Man and Roddy Piper promos and he reminds me so much of that. Sometimes shit doesn’t make sense, but you realize that it doesn’t necessarily have to.

2. There’s no better way to celebrate America than by having a 4th of July Challenge for the United States Title with an Irishman (Sheamus – the champion) vs. a Mexican (Del Rio). I mean, couldn’t they just make up a 4th of July challenge and kind of let everyone not concentrate on the fact that the title isn’t even held by someone that represents America at all? Surely Preacher man Big E. is wandering around somewhere. At least Del Rio represents NORTH America, so wouldn’t he be the one to cheer in this situation? They make sure to bring Del Rio out in Spanish though so people don’t even think about cheering him over Sheamus. He might not be from America, but at least he speaks ‘merican. I can only guess in advance that Sheamus wins this – and I am not wrong.

3. Cody Rhodes playing this Stardust character seems like he took a lot of cues from 1960s Batman. He’s either channeling Robin, or – probably more likely – The Riddler. It’s totally bizarre, which I know is the point so I suppose it’s achieved its purpose. I just don’t know how much creep factor I can take on my shows. I love Cody but the creepy space in my heart belongs to another right now.

4. And that man is Bo Dallas! There was no Bo on Smackdown last week so my first thought upon seeing him here is pure elation. I bolieve I can get through Smackdown with the help of some inspirational teachings from Bo Dallas. I think him emulating his opponents and trying to do what they do as if he’s supporting them is great. I think people are behind this. I think it’s happening. I’m excited for the Bo era. 12 and BO! This is a streak I don’t think needs to be broken. I do think it was completely out of hand for El Torito to attack Bo like a monster. He was trying to motivate him and he gets attacked, and again when Bo tries to explain how that attack was unacceptable. I don’t know about any of you, but if anyone ran into my butt with horns I would be upset and probably scold them as well.

5. In general I’m never a big fan of the part time guys coming back and taking up time on shows and “special events” that could be given to newer, 24/7 talent, but none of that matters to me with Jericho. He always comes in to enhance the newer talent instead of just keep building himself up. In fact, if I had any complaint about Jericho coming back every now and again is that he doesn’t ever win which makes him seem like less of a challenge. I’m happy to have him in any capacity though. It looks like he may be able to get a win over The Miz!

6. I don’t totally hate The Miz being a cocky “Hollywood” guy. Especially because it seems so ridiculous and outlandish for anyone to come out and be proud of being the FOURTH guy in a series of direct to dvd movies. If you’re going to be the guy who can own that gimmick, I’ll give you props until you fall completely flat on your face. He’s been down there before, The Miz, and if he gets immediately taken out by Jericho that may be tripping up sooner than he’d like.

7. I truly believe Big E has to be watching clips of the Reverend from Coming to America for the basis of his character right now (for a reference – go here. I really love that movie. I really hate this Big E.

8. I’m confused by a lot of things each week, but the downward weird spiral of Damien Sandow baffles me the most. I’m a realist and understand that EVERY talented guy isn’t going to get a chance here, but Sandow is one of last years Money in the Bank winner. I remember people saying his cash in and subsequent loss to a one armed Cena wouldn’t crush him, but can other argument be made now?

9. If Jack Swagger can come across as a formidable opponent for Rusev then it must mean that Lana has done her job and gotten Rusev over. Even if Lana is the reason anyone gives a crap about Rusev, they must. How else would Swagger ever get an OVATION like he did here? Nobody cares about Jack Swagger, do they? On 4th of July Smackdown they do. Maybe he should have been in that 4th of July Challenge.

10. It’s nice to see they’ve remembered for at least a hot second that The Shield used to be a three man unit and that Seth Rollins turned on two men, not just Dean Ambrose. Of course they’ll continue to have him focus on Randy Orton, but as I’ve said too many times, I’m fine with Rollins and Ambrose having a program. I think the feud between those two is working out phenomenally well. I do not think they’re building Reigns/Orton well mixing it in the middle, but you can’t win them all.

So there we go! WWE celebrates America. I will admit there was a Divas match in there, but I don’t enjoy giving thoughts to Eva Marie. I am very happy AJ is back, but don’t make her leave already by showing her the talent you have with Eva. Yeesh. I’m having slight internet problems which make getting this up while Smackdown is still fresh in everyone’s minds, but since it’s pretty mind numbing that’s pretty rough. Questions or comments – input! Input! You can leave me one below or come find me on twitter hm_pufnstuf.