10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 7.18.14 (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Eva Marie, Bo Dallas)

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The most exciting SmackDown thoughts are about to grace your page! EXCITEMENT.

1. Well, not sure you can open a show much better than Dean Ambrose can right now. He’s got crowd momentum and absolutely knows how to go on the mic. You know what the great thing about Ambrose is? No matter what kind of bullshit he’s spouting out, he’s totally believable. He’s a ticking time bomb too when you give him a chance to talk. Really reminds me of Piper. I love it. In case I haven’t made that perfectly clear. This match with he and Seth Rollins at Battleground on Sunday is really the only reason I’m sorry I’m going to miss watching it live.

2. Okay people, no matter where Kane is in the building – if he lifts his arms up in the air you should know he’s going to throw them down forcibly and that fire is going to burst up from the ring posts. This isn’t a new development. Not even for you Dean Ambrose. Just once I want someone to just stand there bored when it’s done. “Yawn, this old trick?” On this same note – can tag team partners stop freaking out when the other team pulls some cheating tactic in their own corner? Every single time the ref thinks you’re the one doing something wrong because you’re making a huge scene while the bad guys quietly cheat. YOU MAKE IT WORSE. I could never be in a tag team with people who did this.

3. Oh! Miz is Johnny Cage! That’s what it is, huh? I still believe that this gimmick really works for Miz mostly because most of the crowd already hates everything about him and being cocky about those things people hate make you a great heel. My problem with it is that I’ve finally realized that what he’s doing pretty much kills any and all hope that Tyler Breeze gets brought up to the main roster, at least with his pretty face gimmick. I don’t think it’s time for Breeze to come up anyway, but how is he supposed to get that over when Miz is essentially doing the same thing?

4. Are we sure Teddy Long isn’t hiding out backstage making these random tag team matches? Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler vs. Miz and Fandango. At least we’re actually giving Ziggler a win here. You know what though? I think it’s kind of ridiculous Sheamus is in this battle royal. He has a title and you’re not letting other people be a part of it who have nothing? Bah. It probably just means Sheamus will win because they’re never going to stop making Sheamus happen.

5. The crowd isn’t booing Alicia Fox and Eva Marie beating up Nikki Bella in the ring, they’re booing that WWE is inflicting this kind of torture onto its fans at a live event they’re paying good money for. I’m a few days into my vacation and now I’m feeling they may have ruined it with this match alone. Thanks a lot ladies.

6. That bruise Jericho’s sporting is NASTY, but so is Bray’s if they’d show us. I like Bray, I like his promos but this one seems kind of recycled from Monday night. I have nothing bad to say about the Wyatt/Jericho feud. I guess my only issue is that I still am not sure they know exactly what they’re doing with Bray. He loses the program to Cena and then beats up Jericho who will leave in a couple of months, and then what? I suppose we can say that about anybody though so I just sit back and wait. Not so patiently, but wait none the less. I like Harper matches. I’m not always a big guy fan, but he gets my respect with what he can do. I just don’t know where he goes when the Wyatt family ends. Random last thing about this match – lots of roll up wins recently right? I feel like the percentage of roll up wins is huge lately.

7. I sort of have an issue with Zeb being the face in this feud. Not that I have any issue with Lana and Rusev being the heels – that’s perfect for me, but Zeb is basically just fueling these fans to hate foreigners still and sounding like a redneck fool to me. I don’t know. It’s a great feud to build Rusev up and I am sure that he’s going to come out on top and keep on being a monster heel. At least I can only hope. Who wants Jack Swagger to win anything? Also, how many times can Zeb use the “If that’s you’re real name…” bit? I don’t know. I hope I’m not sounding anti-American, I better watch out.

8. I LOVE BO DALLAS. I feel like I’ve said it so many times that at this point I have to write it in all caps. It’s all that I can do to make it perfectly clear. He’s in a backstage segment and is my favorite part of the show. We have this backstage segment a few later have a terrible Sonic commercial with the Usos and Hornswoggle. At least have Bo do the Sonic promo so I don’t have to roll my eyes over everything in the segment.

9. I’m confused by the Paige and AJ stuff going on, but I don’t hate it. They’re both part of the good portion of the Divas division and if we have to deal with things like Eva Marie vs Alicia Fox earlier, they can only make us think it’s worth it by giving us these two later. It wasn’t worth all the horror that I felt earlier, but it is close. I was confused who the heels of the match were supposed to be, Summer and Layla or AJ and Paige, but you know. If you haven’t figured out by now that I’m confused a lot that’s a shame.

10. I really thought Seth Rollins was going to win Sunday but with the ending of this Kane/Ambrose match I’m not so sure. Ambrose sure does keep getting the crap kicked out of him which would imply a win is on its way. It’s also possible that Rollins wins but Ambrose beats him down so terribly during the match he can’t cash in later, or you know – Ambrose loses and still costs Seth his chance to cash in after leading to their inevitable SummerSlam rematch.

This SmackDown wasn’t exciting. I like Ambrose and Rollins being the center of it though so I won’t complain totally. If you’d like to leave or provide input do so below or follow me on twitter where I primarily talk about wrestling, 80s music and the Rocky series. Twitter here.