10 Thoughts: TNA Destination X 7.31.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014


1. This opening segment is everything that is currently wrong with TNA. Instead of promoting their own stars, TNA is talking about retread stars from the WWE who people probably forgot about until last week. And again, this won’t have any long term impact on whatever future that TNA has left.

2. See, they could have cut out that entire opening promo and given The Wolves and The Hardys more than ten minutes there. They hyped that match up since last week and instead of giving them a lot of time, we only get ten minutes worth of a match. It was still damn good, but it could have been so much better.

3. That Low Ki video package would have been useful last week when he came back with pretty much no introduction.

4. I find it really hard that TNA couldn’t find someone better for the Great Muta then James Storm. Storm is a serviceable mid-carder, but someone with the stature of Muta should be feuding with someone a little higher up on the card. But my guess is that this is TNA’s way of showing respect to Storm who has been with the company for awhile now.

5. I’m 99% sure that Tommy Dreamer has cut the same promo in TNA since his return.

6. And if TNA didn’t need more people around who have no importance to the long term future of the company, here comes King Mo!

7. Hannibal Lecter like mask? Weird. My first thought was possibly Sabu but the H took that away. You would have to hope it is someone new for the company but knowing TNA it is probably just another WWE retread.

8. Samoa Joe could be doing so much better than he is right now. Joe going back to the X-Division doesn’t do it for me anymore. It just seems like he is past that point in his career.

9. Abyss has fallen so far off the cliff as a character that I can’t even get semi interested in him anymore.

10. Decent TV main event title match with Lashley and ries. The right man won in the end. TNA is doing a good job of building up Lashley as a threat as Champ. It almost seems like TNA is trying to beat the WWE to do the dominant Champ with Lashley being Brock Lesnar before Lesnar wins the Title. But Lashley works as Champ for now and hopefully whoever wins the Title from Lashley is built up as the next big star of the company. (However long that is.)

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