10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 8.7.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. We aren’t even five minutes into this episode. It has already been brought up three times that Dixie Carter is going to get put through a table tonight. I wonder if this will beat/get more annoying than the entire $9.99 thing on RAW.

2. I brought this up briefly last week but what the hell is left for Abyss in TNA? If they are really looking to cut cost then I think it might be time to move on from him. Abyss has just lost any interest as a character in the last year plus. All he is good for is these pointless hardcore rules matches that don’t really mean anything in the end.

3. One thing TNA has done right is build up Bobby Lashley as a serious threat as World Champ. I may not like Lashley that much but through his matches and everything else, TNA has made it believable that Lashley is a dominant force that cannot be stopped.

4. And I’m pretty sure MVP just said that he was going to hang out with these “ho’s.”

5. If Bully Ray’s fourth man was suppose to be a surprise, how the hell did everyone in the crowd have all those mannequin heads when Al Snow came out? Surely Dixie Carter had to see that in the TNA budget at some point right? Oh wait, I need to stop using logic like that when it comes to wrestling.

6. If I never hear the letters ECW in a row ever again after these last few weeks (outside of when I watch the Paul Heyman DVD), I will be a happy man.

7. Angelina Love saying she’s the best looking Knockout in TNA is kind of funny. She’s easily the fourth best looking out of her, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

8. Not even ten minutes for the X-Division Title match. I, I don’t even know where to begin with that one. This is why TNA fails to grow as a wrestling company. Half their show is spend being dedicated to ECW, a company that died over ten years ago. And when they have a chance to showcase their own stars in an X-Division Title match they barely get any time to perform in the ring.

9. If you were Dixie Carter, wouldn’t you have just left the building after the match earlier? Oh that’s right, can’t use logic like that around here.

10. I know there are a lot of people out there who were not happy with Dixie Carter being put through a table and feel like it is glorifying “man-on-women violence.” To me, that is a HUGE over reaction. Maybe it was just the pay off of months of build and that’s it? To say the crowd is blood thirsty for that sort of violence is ridiculous. When you have a heel authority figure like Dixie Carter, you are going to eventually want to see her get what is coming to her. The WWE is doing that right now with Stephanie McMahon going against Brie Bella. Unfortunately TNA doesn’t have a female equivalent to play that role. So that is why Bully Ray had to be the one to do this. I’m not advocating man-on-women violence, but to say we as a society crave something like that is so off base. It is a one time thing, and I’m sure we won’t see anything like that in TNA again.

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Justin C

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