How Dean Ambrose Will Finally Get Those Stupid CM Punk Chants to go Away.

One & Only Dean Ambrose Wallpaper

Roman Reigns may be the ‘chosen one’ but time will only tell if he becomes the man or will end up playing second fiddle to his former partner, Dean Ambrose. The former Shield member was dealt the worst hand you could easily argue when the trio’s super stable broke apart. Roman Reigns remained at the top of the card and was awarded with keeping The Shield’s entrance and music along with ring gear allowing for his transition into singles competition easier for his former friends. Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank briefcase and will probably cross paths with Reigns sometime in 2015 for the WWE WHC; but I fear that once Seth Rollins cashes in his briefcase the WWE may just push his aside as all signs point to Roman Reigns being the guy in 2015. Despite the rewards dealt to Rollins and Reigns Dean Ambrose shines much brighter than his current and outstanding rival Rollins and Reigns. His unteachable charisma is off the charts. He has taken this chaotic Brian Pillman if you will mentality and by god as my witness Dean Ambrose may be just as big as Stone Cold Steve Austin or CM Punk and finally, finally make those dumb chants go away.

Ambrose has been slipped into Daniel Bryan’s position just not as high on the card. The dirt sheets say the WWE doesn’t see him as a main eventer but watching Raw and him landing movie roles this early in his career says either wise. His ability since his indy days to connect with the crowd are unteachable, he doesn’t need the signature move set or to be aligned with anyone to stay a major factor of weekly WWE television, Ambrose has done it on his own. He has taken his role as a upper mid card baby face and I’m sure he doesn’t intend on wasting it. Once his feud with Rollins fizzles out it is up to the WWE to believe in Dean Ambrose and not let this star power go to waste.

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