10 Thoughts on Smackdown – 8.29.14 (Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

So we’re getting into my thoughts on Smackdown after not just a lackluster Raw, but a downright crap one. Let’s hope they’ll be some sort of saving grace here, but you know. It’s Smackdown, so.

1. Roman Reigns is kicking us off which you should all get your fill of now. Once he’s fully into the main event role his appearances on this show will dwindle and people won’t believe it when you say you remember when he not only appeared on, but opened Smackdown. He’s here tonight to make Bray Wyatt continue to look like a has been. First he gets decimated by John Cena on Smackdown and now we’ve got Roman Reigns picking on him here. They don’t make them look completely useless, but it looks like we’ll get to see that humiliation in the main event. Remember when the Wyatts seemed like a legitimate threat? And I don’t mean a threat to “part time come in and lose to our fad of the moment” Chris Jericho, but a threat to anyone who mattered? That was a fun two months.

2. I missed Main Event but I roll my eyes enough seeing recycled go nowhere matches on both Raw and Smackdown. Paying money and seeing it twice in one night? Yikes. I love Seth Rollins and RVD of 15 years ago, but he’s got to be tired now right? I say that and then find myself enjoying the match. I think the two of them actually play pretty well off of each other. Rollins is so damn fun to watch in the ring. RVD always was too and he has moments of that really great stuff again, but it’s just sad to watch someone be put on TV to lose when they kind of used to mean something to people.

3. We all know the video team is amazing but the Bella Twins video based on the in ring interaction from Monday is great work. They did the best thing they could have done and completely eliminated Nikki’s terrible “I WISH YOU’D DIED IN THE WOMB” line. The girl’s a bad actress but that put it right over the top.

4. Emma is alive! There’s no way they’d give us the good match that we know these two can give us on Smackdown and that’s sad. If you haven’t seen their stuff on NXT you’re missing out. We know very well though that if you’re not fighting AJ or a Total Diva nobody gives a crap about you, especially if you’ve been arrested recently. Sorry Emma. I am a sucker for this crazy rehashed Mickie James/Trish Stratus angle though so I welcome the AJ after this match. I do think they have to remember they have other candidates for that title soon, but that’s a wish I kind of always have about the Divas division.

5. If I’ve seen one Jack Swagger vs Rusev match I’ve seen them all. And I haven’t seen just one, I’ve seen a bunch so think of how many that feels like in my mind. I continue to really like Lana but when she’s only out there to start off this same boring match I just can’t care anymore. YOU CAN ONLY LET DOWN AMERICA SO MANY TIMES JACK SWAGGER. This never would have happened if Rocky were here. Balboa, not Maivia. In a wonderful twist of fate, BO DALLAS makes an appearance!! The reports of WWE giving up on him make me embarrassed to be a fan. His inspirational speeches get me through every week. Maybe if Swagger Bo-lieved a little bit he could win a goddamn match.

6. So it looks like we’re going with bad guy Dust brothers now, is that right? All this crowd interaction isn’t going to do that for you, but I would love to see some kind of old school Goldust channeling, how great would that be? Stardust gets Jimmy or Jey’s name tattooed with a heart on his chest. That’s the kind of TV I’m talking about. I do love Cody as a heel, and I was wary for a long time on this new character before finally giving in so maybe it’ll really cement my newfound like with this bad guy twist.

7. I like that Tom Phillips made it sound like it’s ridiculous to think Sheamus could find a stunt double, but they’ve got Damien Sandow in there as Miz and that must be legit to him. The beard is what really nails it I guess. They really need to find something to do with Sheamus, and I hope it isn’t destroying Cesaro at Night of Champions. I know kids seem to like him but the guy needs to go back to being a bad guy. I guess this match was just to show us that Sheamus still exists and remind us of both side singles titles in one fell swoop. That’s right, everyone. There are two other male singles titles aside from the World!

8. I just have to express my doubt that anybody who watched Smackdown this week didn’t also watch Raw. Why then do we have to get replay after replay of what happened on it? There are so many guys backstage that could really show us something if given some TV time and instead I’ve got to watch that terrible table discussion from the legends Monday Night. John Cena’s scolding of Hulk, telling him to look at him, made me think Hogan will avoid Raw again at all costs. These kids just keep trying to make him seem like an old fool. He pretty much is, but you know, I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate it.

9. Guys – whoa. I just thought about it. The Network for 9.99 really does sound like a great deal! It only took the 726,728th time they mentioned it to get me to realize. I guess it doesn’t totally kill the product and all momentum and any non cheesiness by mentioning it that many times.

10. Sigh. Again we have Big Show and Mark Henry paraded out in front of everyone to show how powerful our “faces of the company” are. First Cena and now Roman Reigns, his right of passage to becoming Hulk/Michaels/Austin/Rock/Cena, continues the trend. Having the other two out there just says “Hey, these two are behemoths, but they can’t destroy this group – it takes our hero to finish the job.” Funny since a few months ago he couldn’t even do it with his so-called brothers. Also, as I’m sure I’ve stated before, I find it hard to believe I as a fan am supposed to believe The Big Show is going to handle any sort of problem without crying. Mark Henry still has some credible left what with his great acting turn last year, but that doesn’t last long as a good guy filler. I can’t believe how long this match went on. It doesn’t take this long to prove your point WWE, but it does take this long to bore me. Roman wins the match. If you needed that tidbit of information that was obviously surprising.

This Smackdown gave me absolutely no idea where anything is going. “Night of Champions” is 3 weeks away and it is looking like a miserable show. Good luck to us. Any comments or discussion is a-okay at hm_pufnstuf, or below. Stay classy.