Labor Day Special – My Thoughts: WWE NXT August 2014

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I know, I know. Trust me, I know how long its been since I’m gotten a chance to watch NXT. Maybe the time change will help me out but I doubt it. I do sincerely apologize to those readers that have been missing out on our NXT coverage. That’s why I decided to go all the way back to the beginning of the month so I’m able to give this brand the attention it deserves.

WWE NXT 8.7.14

1~ I REALLY can’t understand the appeal of Enzo Amore. Cassidy can be a big, Diesel-like babyface that a lot of people will be drawn to simply because of his size and athletic ability. I would love someone to make a case for Amore & if he’ll ever get out of NXT.

2~ Sami Zayn and Adam Rose? That may be TOO weird to work…

3~ I wonder how much longer CJ Parker has with the WWE. He’s good and has done a lot in FCW/NXT but how many years does it take to come to terms with the glass ceiling. Granted now that he’s sporting a beard, he looks a helluva lot more like Hornswoggle than normal and Horny has been on the main roster forever.

4~ Well Tyler Breeze just made history. I believe he may be the first man to appear not “via satellite” but “via Facetime”.

5~ Bayley has the used car dealership, blow up people now? Just… why?

6~ Smart move trying to make Eva Marie’s new entrance longer than her matches. I will say this about Eva – she definitely knows where all the cameras are.

7~ I love what they’re doing with Tyson Kidd (new look, new gear, new ring music, new viciousness) & now Justin Gabriel is getting a bit of a rub too. Tyson & Gabriel were fantastic in the few matches they were in on the now cancelled Saturday Morning Slam before Kidd was injured. God I hope they make it up to the main roster and feud with the Usos!

8~ Sami Zayn & Adam Rose isn’t that weird now that the match was set up for Rose to take the beat down and Zayn getting the hot tag. And seeing all four of these guys in an entertaining as hell match really makes me question what WWE is waiting for. I probably would have preferred Kidd & Gabriel to advance to re-establish their tag team talent but hey, at least they’re free for a call up now!

WWE NXT 8.14.14

1~ Thank you wrestling gods (you too, JBL) for putting the Vaudevillians over Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey. I don’t understand the appeal of Rawley and it looks like the NXT crowd is starting to get bored too. I mean the guy used Doink’s & Earthquake’s finisher and since he’s neither a clown or 450 pounds and it was even more stupid than the “Attitude Adjustment”.

2~ This was the first match where I really saw what Sasha Banks could do in the ring and it’s impressive. Just her backstabber into a crossface was incredible. I always glanced over her when looking at the Divas Division in NXT but now I think I’ll be paying a little bit more attention. Bayley was impressive as usually and I like that she’s starting to show a more aggressive and serious side when in the ring. Charlotte versus Bayley is going to a match to watch.

3~ If I could make one wish for the WWE today is that Mistico never signed with the WWE and never donned the Sin Cara character. Hunico fits PERFECTLY as the WWE’s version of what a luchador should be (he’s pretty big but can still work) & Kalisto appears to be learning a lot about WWE match pace, helping his own character with the “Lu-cha!” chant and their team together is pretty damn fun to watch.

4~ NXT gives the fans ANOTHER reason why it’s the best show on WWE TV right now. They’re having a NXT Championship match on “free” TV. Plus it’s a match that’s been built up for weeks and were given 15-20 minutes! While the match was slower than I expected and the finish left a lot to be desire, Neville and Breeze showed they have the talent to not only trade amazing spots but also take their time to fit what a typical WWE main event would look like. Really hoping we get a Fatal Four Way between Neville, Breeze, Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn.

WWE NXT 8.21.14

1~ OH NO! The Vaudevillains are facing that weird but over Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Please, please, please push the Vaudevillains! And they did it! Trust me, I have no aspirations of the Vaudevillains winning the NXT Tag Team Championships but they certainly are an entertaining act.

2~ Random sighting by the way – former Total Diva JoJo is performing ring announcing duties tonight.

3~ I had a TON of problems with how Becky Lynch was portrayed when she debuted as a Riverdancing Irish stereotype. Now they’re going with a more energized, tough chick who happens to be Irish. Good. Hell if Fit Finlay and Sheamus could get over without hot pink shamrocks, why can’t Lynch. I’m looking forward to seeing her NXT development.

4~ WOW, I hate Mojo Rawley. He basically just ran around, sat on his opponent as a finisher and then cut a horrible promo. I don’t care if he used to play in the NFL, he should be on the WWE’s payroll.

5~ Adam Rose & Sami Zayn versus Kalisto & Sin Cara? This could be fun. Kalisto definitely reminds me of a WCW era Rey Mysterio but faster. Oh & if you’re on the fence about watching NXT or this match in particular, Kalisto just performed a head stand/back flip/head scissors that seemed to defy everything we’re supposed to know about wrestling. I’m a little surprised that Sami Zayn didn’t advance to the finals but if they’re really looking for a tag team to dethrone The Ascension, I can absolutely see Kalisto & Sin Cara “stealing” a victory over the dominant Ascension.

WWE NXT 8.28.14

1~ I guess it was time to show who the NXT Tag Team Champions were since they’ve had a month of tag matches to face these men for the titles. And job match was fine for the Ascension to showcase their most impressive moves but I really wish someone like James Mitchell could talk for them. They need someone to do it if they really want to become a top tier tag team. Either way, I’m curious to see how they’re handled once they’re called up to the main roster.

2~ Finally William Regal is in an authority position again! Some of the best TV during the Attitude Era was when Regal was the Commissioner. I have no idea if they’ll use a similar character in NXT but either way, Regal should be on NXT more often now and that’s always a good thing.

3~ This NXT Championship fatal four-way between Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze should easily steal the show and on paper could be a match of the year candidate. Plus these four have 2 weeks to put together a spectacular showcase for themselves and I know I can’t wait.

4~ I love seeing Renee Young on NXT. Mainly because she dresses down a little and looks much hotter.

5~ While I usually like throwback style of wrestlers, like Scott Dawson who reminded me a lot of Arn Anderson, but Bull Dempsey is a dud. He’s not in any sort of shape and looks like he’s a guy in the local VFW trying to look like a prototypical pro-wrestler.

6~ Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville look like a dream tag team… on paper. Seeing them actually in the ring together though, they don’t really mesh too well. There wasn’t much to this match, especially considering the participants involved. The end saw everyone hitting finishers and Zayn hitting his finisher on Neville by accident and losing the match. I think it was just my expectations going into the match but it was pretty lackluster. I’m still looking forward to their 4-Way match but we still have 2 more weeks until their next big, live special and it’s really shaping up well.


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