Quick Hits: Catching Up On TNA Impact

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So I haven’t had any reviews of Impact up in the last couple weeks and I apologize for it. Part of it is because of my schedule and I’ve had a lot to do the last few weeks. I also just finished up softball last week which I played on Wednesday nights. But I’ve caught up on Impact and I’m here to give some general thoughts on what has gone done the last few weeks.

-If TNA is looking to cut back on payroll, they really should start with Abyss. And you don’t understand how much I absolutely HATE saying that. I was a big Abyss fan a few years ago. He was one of my favorite characters in wrestling. But he has just taken such a downward turn pretty much ever since the Joseph Park character started. Now he’s a shell of his former self and is nowhere near the Abyss of old. All he is good for now is those brutal spotfests that do no good for anybody. His character has lost any edge that it once had. And its a damn shame.

-Once again this pains me to say this, but if I never see Tommy Dreamer on TV again I will be happy. I understand Tommy Dreamer was a key part of the old ECW and I respect everything that he did for the company, but he should not be made the main focus of any kind of TV in the year 2014. Dreamer’s time has come and gone. He cuts the same promo every week on Impact. And despite his importance to the old ECW, him putting someone over isn’t really as big of a rub as you would think.

-If TNA were to go out of business, the first person I would call if I were the WWE would be Rockstar Spud. And no, that is not a joke in any way, shape or form. Spud is so great in his role. He’s one of the few bright spots that TNA currently has. He does such a great job of getting heat that he makes it look easy. Pair Spud up with someone that you want to get over as a heel and that guy would become a heat magnet.

-I had some interest in the Samuel Shaw character when it first debuted. But holy hell did TNA ruin it over the last month. His character was at least different and now it is a complete joke, stuck in possibly the lowest ranked feud TNA has going for it right now.

-The first match of The Wolves/Hardyz/Team 3D serious was a good one but I hope they get more than 10 minutes going forward. Hell, let them take up the last 30 minutes of Impact one week and I’m sure they will do fine. Of course, I know Bully Ray is apparently gone and Davey Richards has a broken leg. I don’t know how far ahead TNA has taped episodes of Impact, but I hope we get some conclusion to this down the line.

-My guess with the World Title is that Eric Young ends up being the one that turns heel. I’ve liked Bobby Roode’s work so far as a face and I hope he stays that way. I’ve always been a fan of Roode’s work and wished he would have gotten some kind of run in the WWE. My guess is that if Bound for Glory does happen it will end up being Roode vs Lashley for the Title, which at this point seems like the right way to go. Eric Young has lost any kind of momentum that he had from his Title run.

-My last thought has to go towards the X-Division. Remember when it felt like a great alternative to everything else on Impact and these guys were given time to work in the ring? Well, now it just seems like the matches are glorified spot fests that get no real time to develop. They aren’t given any time whatsoever to tell a story in the ring. I hope Samoa Joe helps re-energize the X-Division but at this point I have very little hope for it.

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