10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 9.3.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. Very good promo by Samoa Joe to start the show. That’s the type of Joe that people loved to see. Straight, stern, to the point. I like the idea of a Joe vs Lashley match but I don’t like it being done without a show or two’s notice.

2. So Havok is version number whatever they are on of TNA bringing in a bigger size woman to run rough shot throughout the Knockouts Division. Hopefully Havok works out better than Lei’d Tapa did.

3. I wasn’t that big of a fan of Ethan Carter when he first arrived on the scene but he has definitely grown on me and improved since debuting in TNA. His mic work has gotten much better and his in ring work has improved as well. Whatever the future holds for TNA, EC3 will be a major part of it if the company continues.

4. Hey remember when Magnus was TNA Champion? Yeah me neither. I didn’t really see Magnus as a guy you could build a company around, but he should be used better than he currently is. He’s in no major program and has gotten less TV time than his partner Bram in recent weeks.

5. Is it weird that I actually feel bad for the Beautiful People if they have to be paired up with the Bro Mans now?

6. The right man went over in the Bobby Roode vs Eric Young match. Roode deserves the top spot and a proper face run. As far as Eric Young goes, I’m assuming they will tease some kind of heel turn with him going forward. I would go through with it, but TNA would have to have faith in Young to take more of a serious role as a heel.

7. And our random X-Division spot fest gets less than 5 minutes this week.

8. I still don’t know what to make of this Great Sanada stuff with James Storm. Seeing Tajiri was kind of cool, but I also just want any form of ECW past to just go away at this point. I’m assuming we will get Sanada/Muta at Bound For Glory if it happens, but the story just isn’t clicking for me quite yet.

9. Rockstar Spud is once again the highlight of the night.

10. See, I know Joe vs Lashley didn’t get much of a match or a clean finish, but that just felt like a waste of Joe’s promo from earlier. They barely get any kind of match with no build and it feels like it might just be written off as an afterthought going forward.

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Justin C

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