My Thoughts: WWE NXT 9.4.14 (Charlotte, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Kalisto)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013


1. Great although short match between Charlotte and Alexa Bliss. Bliss showed a LOT of talent and potential against the NXT Women’s Champion. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop and more than likely be involved in the title hunt.

2. Another great showing from Tyson Kidd, giving us more & more reasons why he should be on the main roster (especially when he’s tagging with Justin Gabriel). But while I’d like to see him on the main roster, I love the focus he’s getting on NXT. And Adam Rose was able to  let out a little more than what his gimmick usually calls for. It truly is amazing how much more opportunities people receive in NXT than on the main roster.

3. Gotta love the fact that Sami Zayn is the only one of the 4 competitors to really have to fight from behind from his match and “just” pull out the victory. Classic babyface booking.

4. There truly is no words for how unbelievable Adrian Neville is inside a wrestling ring. I don’t understand how his mind works when it comes to wrestling and that’s a damn good thing. Thinking differently is what’s going to get you over with the fans, especially with his talent.

5. I said it at the beginning of the tournament, Sin Cara and Kalisto are the only team I can picture winning the titles off of The Ascension. Granted I think they would win them “underdog-style” but they’re the type of team that would get a HUGE pop for beating the powerful and unstoppable Ascension “out of nowhere”. It should be a great match at Takeover.