10 Thoughts on Smackdown 9.12.14 (Mark Henry, Bellas, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas, AJ Lee, Seth Rollins)

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1. Smackdown is kicking off with an exciting 8 man tag team match because WWE is always looking for exciting new ways to do the same matches over and over again. You know a plus is that we don’t have to watch these teams in two separate individual matches later. I don’t mean to sound so cynical about these wrestlers because I do think that all four teams (Rowan and Harper, Usos, Star and Gold Dust and yes – even Mark Henry and Big Show) are actually perfectly capable of putting on interesting matches. I didn’t even totally hate this match, but it was all about the Usos and The Dust family so there was really no reason to have the others involved. I guess when you ask for different matches on Smackdown than you get on Raw you have to accept these baby steps.

2. Ladies and gentlemen there has been a JUSTIN GABRIEL SIGHTING. It’s during a Bo Dallas match so it’s hard to be excited for him when I really just want Bo to destroy everyone he gets into the ring with. I’m a fan of Gabriel’s in ring ability and think he’s a real talent that has always been under-utilized. He’s got no real presence on the mic which is a problem, but he can really go. I was impressed they didn’t make this simply a squash match, but I’m still disappointed we’ll probably never really get to see more of him on the main stage.

3. I really wish Bo Dallas wasn’t in a feud with Jack Swagger. Having Coulter as his manager doesn’t really add anything to the feud because Coulter doesn’t have much to say outside his “We The People” shtick which just doesn’t work for Dallas who is actually American.

4. Paige and AJ continue to be two impressive Divas. It’s nice to have them and all too but it’d be cool to have maybe two others who actually impress in the ring every now and then aside from them so there’s a viable new contender once in a while instead of seeing the same two wrestle back and forth for months. If you haven’t watched NXT in a while (what’s wrong with you, watch Takeover 2) there are definitely girls there who can go. I just believe that women’s wrestling can be taken seriously if they show it at the higher level more often.

5. If there is one person I want in the ring more than once in a night it is definitely not Mark Henry. If I could go back and get the Mark Henry who tricked John Cena – maybe, but not this one. I also don’t think it’s unreasonable for any of us as fans to warily watch any gimmick match like an arm wrestling match and expect shenanigans. I really don’t have any interest in watching an arm wrestling match unless it’s a snippet of the excellent Sylvester Stallone movie Over the Top. I bet Stallone could take Henry.

6. The best part of this night so far goes to Lana for her touching tribute to Mr. Fuji when she threw chalk into the eyes of Mark Henry to help the victory of her man. I’d be shocked if Lana knows who that is, but I consider it a tribute none the less.

7. As awful as I feel for Damien Sandow being Miz’s stunt double I actually got a nice laugh out of R Truth being Dolph Ziggler’s stunt double. I might really dislike R Truth, but I appreciate the dedication he obviously had to the cause. I would enjoy this feud so much better if it was just Dolph vs. Sandow though and we just got to eliminate The Miz. I say this as someone who used to own his shirt.

8. Apparently there are no wrestlers in the back wanting to do that thing they’re contracted to do (wrestle) because there was an entire segment re-aired from Raw on Smackdown. Not even just clips, but the entire segment including the entrances. My thought on this is that it sucks. Why do the Bellas have to happen? This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted more female matches. I did really love the backstage promo with Nikki but only because AJ and Paige had a fun little interaction, but the 10 minute replay of the Springer segment was kind of disheartening.

9. I’m disappointed that we had to have that entire segment with Springer when we had a potentially really good main event with Rollins and Orton vs Jericho and Reigns. It got a good ten minutes, but I think it needed more. I enjoyed the in-ring work more than I would have with just Reigns and Orton again, but I feel like with a tag team match like this you need to give it some real solid time. We could have seen more with different combinations of people and am I crazy or is everyone winning with roll ups now? I’m glad it ended with a good match with an actual pinfall victory, but I don’t think it was everything we deserved to see.

10. So if last week was Raw’s season premiere, when is Smackdown going to have theirs and will it be as anticlimactic as it’s sister show? I didn’t think this was the worst Smackdown. The first match was pretty okay, the Bo Dallas/Justin Gabriel match was okay but short, the Mizdow/Zigglers match wasn’t the worst, and the last match was alright. I just don’t think as a whole the show comes across very exciting. I want to remember things about Smackdown after I watch them and not forget what’s happened by the time I get to thought 9. I want replayed segments gone. I WANT A LOT OKAY. I’d like to see some NXT action mixed in with Smackdown if we’re going to get it on Raw because I’d rather see anything than the same things I saw 5 days before. There’s got to be a memorable Smackdown in them somewhere. Thoughts can be shared with me at anytime at the faithful twitter.


One thought on “10 Thoughts on Smackdown 9.12.14 (Mark Henry, Bellas, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas, AJ Lee, Seth Rollins)

  1. Face it, Smackdown is a B show, nothing more. Nothing of note really happens on Smackdown anymore. I will say a couple of things.

    I skipped all the recap stuff. Watched Raw, dont need to see it again. I love Bo Dallas. He just makes me laugh all the time.

    AJ and Paige are two great divas. If anything, I’d like to see them in the main event slot of Raw or even Smackdown one day and just let them wrestle.

    I didnt mind the whole stunt double tag although I disagree with you about The Miz. I’d keep Miz with his feud with Dolph and rebuild Sandow. Sandow is too much of a comedic player to be taken seriously. He is slowly being rebuild, in my eyes, being with the Miz. Hate to say it, but if WWE is short on tag teams, which I think they are, Miz and Sandow wouldnt be bad.

    I think fans like Mark Henry so I’d leave him alone but if I had the chance, I’d turn Henry heel. How about Henry vs. Reigns? Henry vs. Ambrose? I’d love to see those matches and I like Henry as a heel although right now the fans are behind him.


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