Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E3 – “Roadside Rumble”

Total Divas Season 3 - Header

{For those who still don’t know, “Quick Hits” is a style of column that is more “stream of consciousness”-style while watching the show than a “Thoughts” recap.}

– It’s kind of awesome to see the superstars and divas talk about the internet rumors out there. See our work IS appreciated ;-).

– Ah if only Layla was apart of Total Divas instead of a lot of the other Divas. MUCH rather watch her for an hour than Summer Rae.

– Brie really thinks that she’ll need to know grammar and algebra for a job interview? No wonder she’s always been in the entertainment industry.

– IMMEDIATE cold shoulder from Nattie towards Summer. Can’t say I blame her though.

– Eva Marie’s dad honestly asked Eva’s husband’s mother if she thought Eva’s husband should convert or out! Stop trying to sway this dude when he’s so dedicated to his faith.

– Nicole should have NEVER had said yes to Brie. Where the hell does she get off making financial decisions for John Cena? Sure he’s a millionaire but it’s not forever.

– I LOVE that Cena called Daniel Bryan directly. Bryan was left out of this all together and that was the best (& worst) way to find out.

– Middle of the road catfight between Natalya & Summer Rae?! If it was really real, there would be a lot of blood and blonde hair left on that road in the morning.

– Next week looks pretty damn entertaining though!